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List of ATP Race Fruit in 2019: China Four Station Three -week Event


The 2019 season strikes

ATP2019 season schedule

ATP2002-2018 season schedule


Time event level champion Sai Guo
12.29-1.05 Hopman Cup International Connect Switzerland
12.31-1.05 Doham ATP250 Agut detailed
12.31-1.05 Puda race ATP250 Anderson Detailed </
12.31-1.06 Brisbane ATP250 Kyrgyzstan detailed
1.06-1.12 Sydney ATP250 Deminar detailed
1.07-1.12 Auckland ATP250 Sanderlan detailed
1.14-1.27 Australian tennis Open Grand Slam game Djokovic detailed
2.01-2.03 Davis Cup Qualification Tournament International Connect review
2.04-2.10 Montpellier Sai ATP250 Tesson detailed
2.04-2.10 Sophia ATP250 Medvedev detailed
2.04-2.10 Coroda Sai ATP250 Londro detailed
2.11-2.17 Rotterdama ATP500 Memphors detailed
2.11-2.17 New Year ATP250 Opalca detailed
2.11-2.17 Argentine Open ATP250 Chekignato detailed
2.18-2.24 Rio Open ATP500 Jele detailed
2.18-2.24 Marseille Open ATP250 Sicipas detailed
2.18-2.24 Delle Beach race ATP250 Albert detailed
2.25-3.02 Dubai Tournament ATP500 Federer detailed
2.25-3.02 Akaprko ATP500 Kaygos detailed
2.25-3.03 St. Paul Atp250 Pera detailed
3.07-3.17 Indian Velms ATP1000 races Tim detailed
3.20-3.31 Miami ATP1000 races Federer detailed
4.01-4.07 Davis Cup International Connect
4.08-4.14 Malakham race atp250 Pel Thunder detailed
4.08-4.14 Houstona ATP250 Galin detailed
4.14-4.21 Monte Carlo ATP1000 races Ferginini detailed
4.22-4.28 Barcelona race ATP500 Tim detailed
4.22-4.28 Budapest ATP250 Beltinini Detailed
4.29-5.05 Estolyle ATP250 Sicipas detailed
4.29-5.05 Munich ATP250 Galin detailed
5.05-5.12 Madrid ATP1000 races Djokovic detailed
5.12-5.19 Roman ATP1000 races Nadal detailed
5.19-5.25 Geneva ATP250 Zivrev detailed
5.19-5.25 Lyon Sai ATP250 Pelley detailed
5.26-6.09 French tennis Open Grand Slam Nadal detailed
6.10-6.16 Stuttgart ATP250 Berretini detailed
6.10-6.16 Dutch Open ATP250 Manarino detailed
6.17-6.23 Harley Sai ATP500 Federer detailed
6.17-6.23 London grassland ATP500 F-Lopez detailed
6.23-6.29 Antalia ATP250 Sonor detailed
6.24-6.29 East ATP250 Tournament Friez detailed
7.01-7.14 Winbolden Tennis Championship Grand Slam game Djokovic detailed
7.15-7.21 Bastads ATP250 Jari detailed
7.15-7.21 Umags ATP250 Latvic detailed
7.15-7.21 New Potter atp250 Ises Nel detailed
7.22-7.28 Hamburg race ATP50 game Bahilashville detailed
7.22-7.28 Atlanta competition ATP250 Deminar detailed
7.22-7.28 Gustas ATP250 Ramos detailed
7.29-8.04 Washington race ATP500 Caygos detailed
7.29-8.03 Loscavos ATP25 Schwartzman detailed
7.29-8.03 Kisbaka ATP250 Tim detailed
8.05-8.11 Rogers Cup ATP1000 races Nadal detailed
8.11-8.18 Cincinna ATP1000 races Medvedev detailed
8.18-8.24 Winston-Cales Sai ATP250 Hakart detailed
8.26-9.08 US tennis open competition Grand Slam game Nadal detailed
9.09-9.15 Davis Cup International Connect detailed
9.16-9.22 St. Petersburg Atp25 Medvedev detailed
9.16-9.22 Mezsea ATP250 Tesson detailed
9.23-9.29 Chengdu competition ATP250 Busta detailed
9.23-9.29 Zhuhai race ATP250 Deminar detailed
9.30-10.06 China Tennis Open ATP500 Tim detailed
9.30-10.06 Tokyo race atp500 race. Djokovic detailed
10.06-10.13 Shanghai race ATP1000 races Medvedev detailed
10.14-10.20 Moscow race ATP250 Lubrev detailed
10.14-10.20 Antwerp competition ATP250 Murray detailed
10.14-10.20 Stockholm Atp250 races Sangbo Valov detailed
10.21-10.27 Vienna race ATP500 Tim detailed
10.21-10.27 Basel ATP500 Federer detailed
10.28-11.03 Paris Masters ATP1000 races Djokovic detailed
11.05-11.09 Freshman Finals Freshman Finals Sina Detailed
11.10-11.17 London Finals year-end finals Sicipas detailed
11.18-11.24 Davis Cup final International Connect Spain detailed
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