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Ligue 1 reminder: Lier’s nearly 6 home competitions remain undefeated to win 5 games




1. Warfare: Temporarily ranked sixth in the standings, and have the opportunity to compete for the European War and even the Champions League seats.

2. Status: The first battle after the World Cup is easy to confess. If you count on warm -up, the current events have been unbeaten for 8 consecutive games.

3. Trend: I can run out of the data smoothly in 4 consecutive games. The current overall trend is very good;

4. Defensive: There have been 3 times in the past 4 games. The current defense quality has been greatly improved;

5. Home: In the past 6 home competitions, all of them have remained unbeaten, and 5 games have won during the period. The home power has increased greatly;

6. Fighting: In the case, in the past 6 times, they have been unbeaten and won 4 games in the past 6 times.

7. Attack: There are scores (15 goals) in 8 consecutive games. At present, the firepower of the front line is getting fiercer.


1. Injury: The left -back Gudmoderson is currently injured.



1. Status: The first battle after the World Cup is easy to confess. At present, the French enlightenment has been undefeated for eight consecutive games.

2. Data: In the past four times, the competitions under the same initial data can eventually run out smoothly;

3. Defense: There are only 22 goals from the league so far, and the quality of defense is the upper level of the French A.

4. Trend: Eight consecutive games can run out of data smoothly, and the overall trend is relatively stable.


1. Attack: At present, the average goal rate is only 1 goal.

2. Sub -away: At present, 5 consecutive away games have not won, and the away combat effectiveness is slightly insufficient;

3. Punishment: This season has received 36 yellow cards plus 8 red cards, which is the most in Ligue 1, and the foul is very serious;

4, injury stop: Right-back Thomas Huoji will be absent due to injuries due to leg muscles.

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