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Li Yingying 19 points in Tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team Zero, Henan Liaoning Shenzhen Tim Scene


Tianjin Women’s Volleyball celebrates victory

On the evening of November 23, Beijing time, the 2022-2023 season Chinese Women’s Volleyball Super League’s first stage C, 3 and the 10th round of the season, ended in Shangrao, Jiangxi. Liaoning Donghua 3-1 Like Yunnan University Dianchi College won two consecutive victories; Shenzhen Australia’s Tiger Crown in the Australian Tiger lost 3-1 to defeat the river Beihai Rui; defending the champion Tianjin Bohai Bank Zero Henan to achieve 3 consecutive victories.

Liaoning Donghua 3-1 Sheng Yunnan University Dianchi College

The Liaoning women’s volleyball team led by Duan Fang played against Yunnan. After the two teams fought in four innings, the Liaoning team blocked the network more than 3-1 and won two consecutive victories this season. The scores of the four innings were 25-14, 20-25, 25-11 and 25-11.

Liaoning’s response Sun Xiaoxuan scored 19 points to win the score king. The main attack Shi Bingtong scored 14 points. The deputy attack Sun Yuqing scored 7 points. Yunnan’s deputy attack Zhang Xinlu and the main attack Hu Yuqin scored 10 points, and the main attack Liu Mengya contributed 8 points.

Shenzhen Australia Tiger Crown Capto 3-1 Shenghe Beihai Rui

Fighting with Hebei, which is difficult to win, challenged the Shenzhen women’s volleyball team with 6 foreign aids. The fourth innings won two consecutive victories with 3-1. And 25-12.

Shenzhen’s deputy attack Xue Yizhi scored 15 points, the double owner Biqinko and Corusura scored 14 points and 13 points. Gao Yan, the main attack of Hebei, scored the highest 16 points in the audience.

Tianjin Bohai Bank 3-0 Sheng Henan

The defending champion Tianjin appeared for the first time in this game for the first time.

Tianjin’s main attack Li Yingying scored 19 points, receiving 15 points in response to Valgas, and the main attack Chen Boya scored 11 points. Wang Yiqun and Han Wenya in Henan scored 14 points and 10 points respectively. (Caucasus)

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    Justbeabletodefeatevil2019 11月 24, 2022 at 4:35 上午

    It is important to watch the ball seriously, that is, enjoying the game and raising yourself. The Tianjin team attaches great importance to every opponent. In order to support the national team can only run the lineup in the game, understand?

  2. Zhu Ting successfully went out of the ocean, and fame and fortune. The above things, the matter below, the inside, and the outside things are not all things that Langping. Unfortunately, Li Yingying was not born at the time, and delayed. It was Lang Ping Li Yingying

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    |Itcanonlybemodifiedonceayear 11月 24, 2022 at 4:35 上午

    Tianjin team accepted and played. At the beginning of the league, the state should not be too early.

  4. Li Yingying needs to stay in the country quickly while she is young, not enough in China.

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    怀怀怀怀怀怀怀怀怀怀怀怀怀怀怀怀小小小 11月 24, 2022 at 4:35 上午


  6. I am not very strenuous, just run in and exercise

  7. Young players, do n’t want to kill

  8. The main force has not run in, what to change?

  9. can be a teacher for the Tianjin coaching team, it ’s great

  10. The experience of the Tianjin coaching team is high. Fans just pay attention to ornamental, and it’ s easier to look far from three inches. Another wave, scientific selection, serious polishing. This is the way of Changsheng!

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