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Li Yan’s first true feelings revealed: I have already prepared farewell


Li Yan and Zhang Zhizhen and Wu Yizheng

The 36 -year -old Li Yan is now ranked 670th in the world, and the highest world ranking is the 193th place on November 11, 2019; the total number of prizes in career is $ 74,947. Recently, in the face of the media, “Tiger Brother” said that he would take retirement next year.

According to CTA Tour reports, Li Yan accidentally strained his legs during the second round of the second round of the men’s singles of the Cat1000 Anning Station, which directly affected the game. After retiring halfway, the 36 -year -old veteran said: “Normally, it should be retired next year. If there is no accident, Anning and Macau are the last two stations.”

Li Yan went on to say: “In fact, I wanted to retire at the end of last year, but because I wanted to participate in the Asian Games this year, I decided to go abroad to earn points and improve the level.” Only then decided to change the plan.

A large part of the reason why Li Yan retired is because of the family. “It is okay to let me continue to fight, but I think the more and more owed my daughter and the family will have more and more. . Otherwise, the family will be sacrificed. All your struggles are paid in vain, and everything is completely meaningless. “

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    Theislandofthebrightyear 11月 24, 2022 at 4:35 上午

    Badminton world No. 1 Akson (Antaron) has a bonus of only $ 3 million per year. Should badminton players not live according to the statement?

  2. Do you know how much the cost of a player with the family tour?You use the giant to compare Li Yan, do you know how ridiculous this brain circuit is!

  3. Retired

  4. The level of level, this age should be retreated

  5. Look at you to talk about others, the keyboard

  6. Is your income high?

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