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Li Weifeng Zheng Zhi is a gift!As long as you do not owe salary, there is a show

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On the afternoon of November 23, Beijing time, the Chinese Football Association official Xuanzhong Super three teams were deducted by 6 points for arrears.

The 6 -point Chinese Super League team included Shanghai Shenhua, Wuhan Yangtze River and Hebei team because they did not resolve the total wage of not less than 70%by October 31.

For Shanghai Shenhua, it has no effect on deducting these 6 points. After all, they have made a good start, and they have already been ashore without pressure to relegate. Recently, they also seem to be “rotten”. They have not tasted in the past 7 rounds, and they have lost all the last three games.

The Wuhan Yangtze River, which was coached by Li Jinyu, had been deducted for 3 points for arrears. Now he was deducted for 6 points. After 9 points, he fell directly into the relegation zone. The Hebei team in Quanhua Class has also been deducted two points in total twice, and they now have a score of -6 points for 1 victory and 25 losses this season.

Wuhan Yangtze River was deducted for 6 points. The happiest one must be Li Weifeng. The Guangzhou City he coached ushered in the first season to escape the relegation zone. In fact, his team has recently suffered a four -game losing streak, and he did not expect to temporarily go ashore in this way.

The Guangzhou team in the same city of Guangzhou also saw hope. Although they have encountered 13 rounds of endlessness, they have only 1 point gap with Guangzhou City. I believe that as long as they do not owe their salary, there must be a successful relegation among the two brothers of Guangzhou.

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  1. It is estimated that at the end of the year, there are at least three clubs that have been downgraded or dissolved by themselves, so those who do not owe salary can be relegated

  2. dissolve, just make a joke.

  3. Someone has long said that the only hope for the relegation of Guangzhou Shuangxiong is to stare at the team that owed wages and put pressure on the Football Association.

  4. If Shenhua still has not resolved the arrears on December 31, is it directly downgraded or continues to deduct points?

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