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Li Ning launched a new category of skiing products to explore ice and snow sports scenes

As a well -known domestic sports brand in China, Li Ning has shown excellent creativity in various professional sports fields in recent years, and constantly refreshed people’s perception of “local sports brands”. Recently, the Li Ning brand was involved in the skiing sports scene for the first time, and the new ski category was launched. First, it presented the Li-Ning Snowboard Ski Ski series.

Li Ning brand Li-NING SNOWBOARDING Board Ski series focuses on the two goals of “professional” and “China”. Starting from extreme use scenarios for research and development and production, product testing and adopting under extreme environmental conditions, at the same time, it has adopted a number of top -level events. International first -class skiing products that make people proud of them.

This series of design is inspired by the birthplace of human skiing -Altay, Xinjiang, and the design elements such as Tianshan Snow Lotus, National Printing, etc., show the unique charm of traditional Chinese culture. , Bravely conquer the spirit of every mountain and every snow road. The overall is simple and sharp, and the meaning is deep.

In terms of materials, use a higher level of GORE-TEX professional windproof and waterproof and breathable fabric. Waterproof (> 28000mm)/ breathable (RET <9) can block rain and snow in extreme rainstorm and snow and keep your body dry.

*Can withstand 28M hydraulic testing, not penetrate

It is worth mentioning that this series of products are embedded with RECCO rescue chip reflectors -the electronic system used to locate the avalanche victim, and the rescue team operates in more than 900 ski areas and rescue bases around the world. The trapped persons in the area escort the users when they are outdoor skiing or climbing the snow mountain.

In addition to the new ski series this time, the Li Ning brand also launched a cooperation with many top skaters at home and abroad, including the most recorded ski champion Max Parrot, which maintains the most recorded gold medal in the top single -board ski competition, in various World Cup slopes The facial obstacle techniques have left a deep impressive female slipper Brooke VOIGT, the youngest member of the Canadian national team Tyler Nicholson, and the first Chinese slipper Zhang Jiahao to complete Double Backflip on the snow. Through the tacit cooperation with these sliding hands, consumers’ enthusiasm for sports trends in a richer perspective and more diverse way.

It is reported that the products displayed this time are only a small part of the first-year appearance of Li-Ning Snowboarding Ski series. More products will be available in the second half of the year.

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