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LG Cup Yang Dingxin Ding Hao doubles the semi -finals Yang Dingxin duel and Shen Zhenzhen

On November 14th, the 27th LG Cup Korean Daily Chess King Tournament continued. Chinese chess players Yang Dingxin and Ding Hao both won and defeated Japan’s Zhiye Tiger Pills and South Korea Kimming Xun. Chinese Go in adversity ushered in a game. victory.

Today, the semi -final lottery was launched after the game. The semi -finals will be held in two days. Tomorrow Ding Hao VS Jiang Dongrun, Yang Dingxin VS Shenzhen on the 16th.


Ding Hao

Ding Hao VS Jinming training, the Jinming training of this bureau is black, and each of them is a good game. The first half of Ding Hao seemed to be absent and was suppressed by the opponent. The 100th hand was foolish. This step was almost the rhythm of collapse. Unexpectedly, the situation was reversed since then, and Jin Mingxun saw that 104 hands caused White’s flaws and began to investigate immediately, but it was cheap by White, the black side’s mentality was obviously wrong. The Vietnam War became more brave, and he won the dragon steadily.


Jinming training

Ding Hao has the highest level among the post -00 players in China. In the past two years, he won the championship of advocating chess cups, national players, and big chess players. However, there are no achievements in the world competition. Ding Hao and Shen Zhenyi were born in 2000. Ding Hao was three months younger than Xiao Shen. He hoped that Ding Hao would launch a strong pursuit of the peers in the future world competition.


Yang Dingxin

Yang Dingxin faced Japan’s Zhiye Tiger Wan, who took the brave of Japanese celebrities to participate in the top 8 of the LG Cup. However, in the face of China’s top masters, I feel that Zhiye Tiger Wan is still a trick.

The Zhiye Tiger Pills of this bureau are in black first. The first half of the two people are evenly matched, and the mid -market battle is complex and difficult to solve. Yang Dingxin has a sudden cold arrow. The white 104 is not amazing. Zhiye Tiger Wan was obviously a little panicked, and gave up the upper and attacked Baiqi on the right. At this time, the black winning rate had fallen. Yang Dingxin made a steady on the right dragon.

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  1. You are really stupid and naive. They are cheating, that is, they know at a glance. What evidence is needed?

  2. Hundred flowers can not be on the west to light. If the top ten in China have the ability to win the championship, who are you afraid of? How many years can I carry it alone?

  3. The leadership must reform, and cannot delay Chinese Go for the selfish desire of a layman. Coach Yu is not adapted to the situation with the old man as a coach. Are these inaction unable to take advantage of the position to affect the development of Go? Intersection

  4. Reply
    XiangLaoQianQiangQianQiangQiangQiangQiangQiangQianQianQianQianQianQianqian 11月 16, 2022 at 3:17 上午

    Two people have no true strength to win, and what can they affect the ending

  5. Sailing will win! Ding Hao probably won Jiang Dongrun into the finals, and Yang Dingxin also had a chance to Shen Zhenyu. Once the finals are also in the court, Ding Hao still has a great chance to win the championship!

  6. Ke Jie is only 3 years older than Xiao Shen. After winning the label to win the chess, he gave birth to a child and then gave birth to himself. Not only that. Also on variety shows, play games, go to college, and look at Chinese, Japanese and Korean Go super -class masters, none of them are as fast and mediocre like Ke Jie

  7. Haha, let go? In the international competition, it is necessary to have the opportunity to be able to apply for the right.

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