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Levan: There is no problem with Messi and I have never talked to him about the Golden Globe Award

Recently, in an interview with reporters, Levan Dorvsky clarified rumors about himself and Messi.

Laivan said to reporters that there is no problem between himself and Messi: “Everything and Messi and I have good things. We don’t have any problems. I don’t understand your problem.”

The reporter asked Lavan if he had a displeased thing with Messi after the Golden Globe Awards in 2021. It was reported that Levan expressed dissatisfaction with Messi at that time because Messi once said that Laivan was worthy of the Golden Globe.The prize, but in the end, I did not vote for Lavan.,,

Regarding this issue, Laivan was obviously angry with the reporter. He said: “When did I have Messi, where did I talk about the Golden Globe? Maybe you have seen someone saying this on social networking sites, but then thatIt’s definitely not what I said. “

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  1. Only Ronaldo would watch the news and send a text message to Casano [hee hee]

  2. Lairen, a proud and forgetful villain!

  3. It seems like everyone cares about the relationship between you?First of all, you and Messi are not teammates.Second, you and Messi are not in a league.The most important thing you and Messi are not a level player.

  4. Messi means that the Golden Globe Award with Laiwan in 2020, but it is not said that in 2021, how can people have no understanding of the mind?Cancellation of the selection is more unjust than Dou E.

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    Runningtothebenchmarkinfront 11月 20, 2022 at 2:28 上午

    NATO will never get the Golden Globe Award

  6. Messi said that the Levan Award is worthy of the Golden Globe, but in the end, he did not vote for Levan.It can be seen how shameless Daiga!

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    Mobileusers2163633717_977_977_977_977_977_977_977_977_977_977 11月 20, 2022 at 2:28 上午

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