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Leonard’s back -back absence: The team doctor is protecting me from playing

On December 9th, Beijing time, according to relevant media reports, the Los Angeles Clippers faced the Miami Heat in the back today. In this game, Kobi-Leonard closed again.

Yesterday Leonard played for 30 minutes and was strictly restricted by the appearance time. Leonard only played the last minute of the overtime.

In an interview, Leonard said: “The team doctor wants to protect me. As a player, sometimes I think we should play the final stage of each game, such as the end of the third quarter.It, because this is just the second game I have returned recently. “

Leonard has only played 7 games so far this season. In the last game with the Orlando Magic, Leonard played for 30 minutes, 15 shots of 4 points in 4th, plus 7 rebounds and 3 assists,, Clippers lost time to magic.

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  1. Are there any fans now?I was completely done by myself

  2. Which team doctor was the medical team he was looking for. Of course, listening to him, the heart card really lived up to the name

  3. hahaha, I played a hundred in four years in the ClippersI do n’t know what injury is now, the value of this money

  4. Small card said: Yesterday, the root of the root fell, afraid that the bacteria would cause infection from the pores!So you have to rest at home!You know, bacterial infections are large or small!Safety first!Intersection

  5. may have dropped leg hair!IntersectionIn case bacteria are infected from the pores, this is big or small, and it is safe to rest at home!

  6. It can protect you retired

  7. The injury of the cross ligament is not a general minor injury. The degree of recovery in the future is not easy to say

  8. Well, where did you get it yesterday?As much as possible.It is now playing health basketball in the stage.This strategy is right.

  9. Reply
    Shanyuanflowerandgrass 12月 10, 2022 at 2:50 上午

    Have you seen the game?Top?

  10. This is really a soldier for thousands of days.

  11. It is estimated that the contract is retired after the implementation of this contract. No team dares to sign

  12. The heart card has not played in 10 games in two seasons.There are no one who appreciates him to the most disgusting person, it takes only 2 years.

  13. Retired

  14. Buy it directly

  15. Retired in place

  16. should be sent to the waste recycling station

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