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Legend moment!The unveiling ceremony of the sculpture of the sculpture for the Lone Ranger

On December 26th, Beijing time, the Lone Ranger official held a sculpture unveiling ceremony for the legendary star of the team history.

Novitzki’s sculpture stands outside the Lone Ranger’s home hall. The main image of the sculpture is Novitzki’s classic action golden chicken independence. There is also a table below.NEVER FADES Away (loyalty never passes). “

FADES Away literally translates to disappear, and it is intended to jump back in basketball, representing Novitzki’s classic shooting action.

In addition, this sentence has a total of 21 letters, which represents 21 seasons that Novitzki has played for Lone Ranger.

Talking about his own sculpture, Novitzki said it was really cool: “After we left for a long time, we will go online to search for this guy, and they will ask,” Who is this guy? “”

Norwitzki said in his 21 seasons record: “I hope Luka (Doncic) can break it! That’s really cool.”

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  1. Haha, the hug rats are rushing to Zhan Zhan also

  2. Will James blush when they pass by? [Doge] [Doge]

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