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Learning! The average age of the AFC Champions League in Guangzhou is only 19.16 years old

Reporter Cai Zonglin reported that at 6 o’clock this evening Beijing time, the Guangzhou team on the Asian Champions League with the “Youth Edition” lineup will usher in the challenge of the strongest opponent Osaka cherry blossom in the group stage. The gap is obvious. It is certain that this is the first time that the young people of the Guangzhou team have played against such a powerful opponent. The coach Liu Zhiyu, the leader, also said that players must first learn from the strong team.

U21 league performance is good

Since the National Football Teacher West Asia played the top 40, the triumphant’s internationals calculated the medical isolation time required, and the plan to start the surplus of the first stage of the Super League on June 21 has been completely disrupted. It’s already nail on the board.

At one time, there was a voice that because the schedule no longer “crashed” with the Super League, the Guangzhou team may send the remaining first -line team players to participate in the AFC Champions League group stage. After the overseas group stage, it will take July 10 to return to China as soon as possible. In addition, medical isolation and recovery training time will not be able to catch up with the restarted Chinese Super League.

In the end, after comprehensive consideration, the Guangzhou team decided to send a lineup composed of young players in the echelon, and Liu Zhiyu, a teaching assistant in the first team, led the team. The returning national feet stayed in Guangzhou and continued to prepare for the Super League.

On the list of “Youth Edition” Guangzhou team, there are a total of 30 players, and the number is the largest of the three Chinese Super League. The average age of the team is only 19.16 years, setting a record of the average age of the AFC Champions League.

One month before the arrival of the group stage, Liu Zhiyu led the “Youth Edition” Guangzhou team to sign up for the U21 league. In the 5 games of the first stage of the Weifang Division, the Guangzhou team scored a total of 8 goals and only lost 1 goal. Take it. By the good record of 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, they defeated Kunshan, Henan and Chongqing. The only defeat was to lose to U18 National Youth.

Show the best self

Group J where the Guangzhou team is located, the same group opponent has J -League Haoqiang Osaka Sakura, Hong Kong Super Champion Jie Zhi, and Thai Super Singapore Guitai Port. As far as the overall strength and experience are concerned, the Guangzhou team must be at a disadvantage. After all, the team is only 16 years old. The midfield star Yang Dejiang has the experience of the Super League. In the third round of the Super League this season, he played for a substitute and completed his career. In the warm -up game, there have been goals in the season.

Except for Yang Dejiang, Li Xingxian, Wu Junhao, and Chen Zhengfeng have all entered the list of 23 Chinese Super League competitions of the Guangzhou team this season. Other 8 players including Zhang Zhihao, Luo Junhan, Guo Jiayu, Chen Guanxuan, who have obtained the first phase of the Super League, are also Karnavaro. The potential newcomers selected in the echelon. However, most of the players in the team have the experience of the youth competition or the U21 league. The experience of the competition is definitely insufficient.

The Guangzhou team flew to Thailand from the Baiyun Airport on the 21st. After a turnover of Bangkok, they successfully arrived in the group stage Wurinnan. After landing, the team immediately performed nucleic acid testing and the nucleic acid testing and Disinfection work, then check into the hotel.

In the same season, the group stage is the same as last season. All the players, coaches and staff of all teams have been solved through the “bubble” duct, training ground, and hotel. The three meals are also resolved in their respective rooms. Before the training, the Guangzhou team conducted a second nucleic acid test.

At the pre -match press conference, the head coach Liu Zhiyu said that the team made full preparations for the group stage. When talking about the opponent, he said that cherry blossoms and local players were very good. opponent. Later, he said that this competition was mainly for young players to get exercise. “I look forward to learning from the players first, followed by unified thoughts, doing their own defense, offensive, and the style of the game, showing the best self, showing their best self. “,”

The player Chen Quanjiang, who attended the press conference together, said that as a young player, he can participate in high -level games such as the AFC Champions League. It is very excited and lucky. “The club gave us a good platform. God, show your best yourself. “

Earlier, Chen Quanjiang, as the team captain, was launched in the first stage of the first stage of the U21 league.

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