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Latin America Amateur Championships, Derlivilla won the championship, won three Grand Slam qualifications

On January 6, Beijing time, in less than a month, Argentina sang “Dale Campeon” again, that is: “Come on, the champion!”

For the first time, they won the World Cup with teammates in Qatar in Messi.On Sunday, they sang for Mateo Fernandez de Oliveira.

The Latin American Amateur Championships held in the Grand River in Puerto Rico created a classic performance and achieved victory.

De-Olvila is only 23 years old, and 67 shots are scored on Sunday. It is lower than the standard pole and four-wheel-23 shot.The second Argentine championship in the history of the Championship.In 2020, Abel Gallegos was the first Argentine player to win the championship.

As a senior student of the University of Arkansas, De-Olvila participated in the fifth time and was also the third player in the third year before the history of the event, and then won.In 2018, Chile, Chile, in 2019, Alvaro Oltiz, Mexico, is also the case.In fact, Alvaro Altis won the runner-up twice before winning the championship in 2019.

Unlike the previous championships, De-Olivilla can participate in three Grand Slam because of this victory.This year, the U.S. Open joined the American Masters and the British Open, and gave a place to the Latin American Amateur Championship.

“I am still very shocked,” said De-Olivilla, “I think my life has changed.”

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