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La Liga reminds: The Spaniards are not good at reverse the wind 12 games and have not tasted the first goal.




1. Method: Good at the middle road penetration offensive, often create scoring opportunities, and strive for high -air ball ability;

2. Player: The striker Hedaru has handed over 8 goals and 1 assists this season, which is the number one scorer in the team;

3. Septing: This season, averaged 10.9 times, and 17.8 steals, and the two data ranked in the forefront of La Liga;

4. Probability: When Shengping negatives are near 2.25, the team’s actual probability of winning data is 53%;

5. Warfare: At present, it is only 1 point higher than the downgrade zone, and it still needs to be relegated, so there is no lack of warfare.


1. Data: In the last 10 games, only three events have won data, and the team has a low ability to win data;

2. Trauma: Cadi Barley is absent due to the broken ankle ligament, and the return period is not determined;

3. Toughness: The 12 leagues who lost the goal this season have ended their success, and the toughness is very poor.



1. Attack: This season has scored 22 goals in La Liga, ranking the top four levels, and the offensive ability is good;

2. Punishment: 35 yellow cards have been shown to the present season, and it is the only team that has not eaten red cards;

3. Fighting: In the past three times, all the Visitors won at home. This round of guest battle is worthy of attention.


1. Probability: When Shengping’s negative customer victory data is near 3.20, the team’s actual probability of winning data is only 43%;

2. His injury: The back waist Ibrahima-Kobetin’s knee joint is absent, and the return period is not determined;

3. Defensive: 24 goals this season, the number of goals is ranked third in the countdown;

4. Reversal: This season’s 11 out of the 11 games of the first goals only reversed 1 game, and the anti -pressure was low;

5. Recent situation: In the past two games, they have not lost their results and lost their data. The team has performed well in the near future.


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