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La Liga reminds: Real Madrid’s main goalkeeper Kurtu is in doubt




1. Data: When the victory data is mainly winning at 3.30, the real win rate is 54%;

2. Corner: The data of 5.3 corner kicks can be brushed in the league game;

3. Home: This season has won 4 of them at home, and the home grab rate can be ranked in the top eight positions;

4. Players: Alex Bena has 4 league scores, and currently the first inner team scorer;

5. Shunfeng: The five leagues of the advanced goals this season finally won all the games, and the smooth ball ability is excellent;


1. Fighting: I have failed to fight with Real Madrid in the past 9 times, and the psychological disadvantage is great;

real Madrid


1. Player: The main striker Benzema is still the first inner scorer. At present, he already has 9 goals and 1 help;

2. Midfield: Two post -waist Qiong Amei and Kamanga have won the World Cup runner -up with the French team, showing a good offensive and defensive ability;

3. Data: When the victory data is 2.00, the real win rate can reach 71%;

4. Corner: This season, the data of 5.9 corner kicks can be brushed in this season;

5, away: 8 leagues won 7 of them away, and currently the team with the highest scoring rate in the league;

6. Toughness: The three leagues who lost the goal this season have two records of reversal winning, and the toughness is good;

7. Goals: There are as many as 9 goals of 35 goals in the league to score in the last 10 minutes of the game, and the attack is strong;


1. Defense: This season, there are only three records of zero opponents so far, and the stability of the defensive end is relatively average;

2. Injury stop: Although the main goalkeeper Kurtuva has participated in training, this campaign is still in a state of doubt;


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