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La Liga-Dembele System Signage Fitrona Savidy Red Barcelona 1-0 Atletico Madrid

At 4:00 am on January 9th, Beijing time, the 16th round of the Western Armor in the 20122-23 season, Barcelona defeated Atletico 1-0.

In the 22nd minute, Pedrich sent a cross after the breakthrough, Gawei turned to make a ball for Dembele, the latter directly attacked the goal, Barcelona 1-0 Atletico.

During the stoppage time, Ferlan Torres and Savid broke out. Both of them ate red cards and were sent off.

The lineup of the two sides:

Atletico Madrid: 13-Obrak, 2-Gamenes, 15-Savich, 16-Molina, 23-Renier (81 ‘3-Reilalng), 34-Barios (65’4-Kon Dorbia), 6-Cock (73’ 11-Lemar), 14-Markis-Lolindite, 21-Callasco (65 ’19-Morata), 7-PhilikSri Lanka (73 ’10-Correa), 8-Glezmann

Barcelona head: 1-Ter Stegen, 4-Arajo, 15-Christensen, 23-Conte, 28-Bald (81 ’17-Alonso), 5-Bestitz (81’20-Robito), 8-Pedrich, 21-De Rong (58′ 19-Casey), 30-Gawei (73 ’22-Rafinia), 7-Dengbei, 10-French methodTi (58 ’11-Ferlan Torres)

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  1. This ball is beautiful!

  2. The fans who leave early are a pity, and Wufu watched the explosive action scene of digging the crotch.

  3. Atletico is getting worse and rotten

  4. Is it really except Real Madrid, no one has won Barcelona

  5. Forbidden competition

  6. Lairen?

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