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Kurtuva: I don’t understand the standard of the handball judgment point, the problem is solved by Benzema

In the early morning of December 31st, Beijing time, in the 15th round of the Western Armor League in the season, Real Madrid defeated Balladolid 2-0 away, and a one-point advantage temporarily reached the standings.In an interview after the game, Kurtuwa said: Benzema solved the problem today.

About penalties- “We don’t understand the standard of the handball judgment point (there is a handball in the Baraduld’s penalty area in the first half, and the referee may be that the ball is not judged by the refraction of the ball), I don’t know when it will beIt is a penalty, when is it not, maybe some penalty is a wrong penalty, but the judgment is judged. “

About Benzema -Benzema is very good. He may lack some sense of rhythm. At this time, Benzema scored more.

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