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Korean players exposed that Ronaldo scolded the word in Portuguese to refer to a man’s part

After South Korea reversed Portugal 2: 1, South Korea ’s offense Kim Yingquan revealed that after Cristiano Ronaldo scolded Portuguese after the game.

In the second half of Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo was replaced. Because of the slow departure, it was urged by Korean player Cao Gui. Cristiano Ronaldo made the latter to shut up.

Jin Yingquan revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo scolded others in Portuguese.The reason why he knew that Ronaldo scolded people in Portuguese was because the head coach of the South Korean team Paul Bento was the Portuguese. They often listened to Bento to speak in Portuguese.

Cao Guicheng also revealed that he asked Cristiano Ronaldo to leave the field at the time, and Ronaldo suddenly scolded “Caralho”. In Portuguese, this refers to the male genitals.

Cao Guicheng revealed that he quarreled with Ronaldo at the time, and then conflicted with the opponent’s Zhongwei Pepe.

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    NoMonkMonkjustwentdownthemountain 12月 4, 2022 at 2:55 上午

    Nothing is clean

  2. It is good to not give him three feet.

  3. “Bangzi” must say this.[Hee hee] [Haha]

  4. Are you sure you have nothing to do?

  5. Korean players say Cristiano Ronaldo scolding people, Luo Fan said that Ronaldo did not scold others. Who is more credible?

  6. President of Korea will call him and send a few pounds of radish kimchi to express thanks.[Hee hee]

  7. The back of the back of the back has explained that the level has the level.How tall, the bad breath is small [laughing without words]

  8. One bad person, the mouth must be smelly

  9. The stick is not that thing, it must be envious of others.

  10. Wait, my sister and mother will come out to scold the battle. The most fascinated group in the world, the gongs and drums are noisy … [Swita]

  11. This is not surprising.Fans love the most![Discover]

  12. is not unusual, he is injected to the top [digging nose]

  13. There is no strange

  14. One of the results of staying abroad, you can understand Portuguese swear words

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