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Klopp warning: Van Dak cannot be forcibly entered the list of the Dutch European Cup

Yulgen Klopp warned that he should not urge Van Dark to play in the European Cup in 2020, but he said he would not stop the defender from fighting for the Netherlands.

The central defender has been absent since the injury of the Cross in October.

Van Dak is considered the key to the success of the Dutch team in the European Cup this summer, but it is not clear whether he can enter the national team.

What do Klopp say?

Klopp said Van Dike will take a few weeks to return to the game state, but he will not stop Van Dak from joining Dapol’s team.

“Virgil’s knee. Listening, I don’t want to drag his hind legs, but you can’t force him.”

“Now let us pass everything. You all have enough time to know that if you want to participate in the game, you must train before the game — appropriate football training a few weeks before the game instead of a week ago.”

“You can’t train once a week after 10 to 11 months, and then play football again. This is impossible, this should not be possible.”

“No one can stop him, I can guarantee to everyone in the Netherlands or anywhere. But we cannot and will not force him. We talk about a player and his career.”

“No one should be forced, and no one will force it -the Netherlands, Us, Virgil is no exception. He just wants to recover health as soon as possible.”

“Now, no one knows the exact time, but you can imagine that this must be very and very nervous, because things such as the European Cup and team training, because he has not participated in team training, and will not be in the future in the future. A few weeks. So, I don’t know. “

“But in the end this is Virgil’s decision, he will be greatly affected by the knee feeling.”

What is the situation of Van Dike?

The 29 -year -old player only played 8 times for Liverpool this season. The last appearance was Depem, who played against Everton on October 17.

He injured his knee in the game with Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickeford and underwent surgical treatment.

Although Van Dak is recovering, he has not returned to Clop’s team for training.

Fan Dike is almost no time

If he wants to enter the lineup of the Orange Clothing Corps, the former Groningen and Southampton stars have only one month to recover.

The national teams of various countries must announce their 23 -person lineups before June 1, and the game will start 10 days later.

The Dutch team will play friendly matches with Scotland and Georgia on June 2 and 6, respectively.

They will play against Ukraine on June 13, and then Austria and North Malaysia.

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