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Klopp: The opponent is close to the foul every time the corner kick is not blowing

Liverpool lost 1 to 3 in the Premier League on Monday to Brent Ford, and the head coach Clop believes that this is a crazy game.

“This is a crazy game. Brent Ford won, so I am really not sure if it can control the game.” Klopp believes that Brent Ford’s corner attack is on the verge of foul.”Each corner kick is a huge threat. We know that they will be difficult to deal with before the game. They have been in contact with the body when they get the positioning ball, but the referee in this game only blows the defensive foul during the positioning of the positioning’s very funny.”

Klopp believes that Liverpool could have advanced the ball before losing the ball. “We lost the first goal in the case of 2-0. Nuns did not expect that the goal was blocked by the opponent.The shot should also be shot better. We were canceled because of offside, and then they expanded the score, so this is the place to criticize. “

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  1. Liverpool is a bit soft now

  2. In fact, criminal tactics are what you love to use Manchester City, and the referee does not blow, so it is very sensitive and clear about whether your tactical referee blows punishment.

  3. You all said that people are ‘on the verge of foul’, but people have no foul, and the referee blows a … [Yun Bei]

  4. Lao Ke has a trend of evolution to birds

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