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Fujita Hatsuki

On November 21st, Beijing time, Saiki Fujita, a 36 -year -old veteran, at the Elylv Golf Club Songshan Stadium (6575 yards, standard rods) at the Elfer Golf Club in Elehica County, caught 4 birds and scratched 67. The pole reversed the 41st king paper -making Alleor women’s opening.

Fujita’s four-wheeled score of 263 (67-65-64-67), below the standard pole 21, led 54 holes to the ancestors Suzuki Ai 1st, and won 18 million yen in the championship check.

263 is the minimum record on the 71st stadium, and it breaks through the previous record with the advantage of 4. Fujita Satsuka won the first victory since the 2011 Fules Tong Women’s Championship, and was also the sixth victory of his career. She ended the champion wasteland on the 11th and 35th.

This season, Kota Koto won the runner -up three times, namely: Fuji Machinery Elite, the Unix women’s high ball game, and the palace Lan Sanchali women. After she pushed the last push of 1.2 meters, she squatted down and shed tears.

Fujita Koji began to fall behind Suzuki to love 1 shot, and the first nine holes caught two birds. On the 13th hole, she hit the bird at 5 meters at 140 yards to catch the bird, and then Cave 15. Suzuki loved to catch the birds and tied with her, but she harvested 5 meters of birds and rushed to the front.

Fujita Toshiko turned off the phone the night before, so that he did not go to the outside world news. “Everyone wrote a great article, but this time I didn’t want to read anything, I just went to bed with golf,” she said.

This is an experienced player’s approach. Fujita Yoshiko won 3 leads before the final round of Lan Sanchali in the palace, but the pressure made her not eat well, and her face looked quite pale. Fujita’s husband’s husband is Fujita Kazuki, a physical trainer. He admits his wife: “Every day she remember what she should do to win. This is a high critical wall.”

When my wife talked about her husband, she burst into tears and said, “The good environment you create for me allows me to focus on golf as much as possible.”

Suzuki Ai four-wheeled 264 shot (66-65-64-69), which is lower than the standard rod 20, and won the second place.

Other players are much behind. Kikuti Erika scored 66 shots, with 269 (70-64-69-66), 15th than the standard pole, and won the third place.

Uesoda Taozi also scored 66 shots in a large group in the fourth place.

Shi Yuting’s last hole was pushed in a 15-foot large turbulence. He was happy to harvest the founding bird. The four rounds handed over 278 (71-70-66-69), 6 shots below the standard rod, and were located in 23.

Lu Wanyao 280 (69-70-72-69), which is lower than the standard rot 4, is located in 30 places.

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