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Kimura Xiangwu Lan in January of Thailand in January Thailand compete for WBA international gold belt


Formally event poster

This is a game that should be in the impression, but I didn’t expect to wait so long.

On the fourth day of the New Year of the New Year next year, SpacePlus, RCA Plaza, Royal City Avenue, Bangkok, Thailand, will play 4 professional boxing competitions.

The main match will be the showdown between the former WBO World Boxing Boxing Mukura and the best 112-pound boxer in China and the former World Boxing Challenger Ulan Tuohazi.

Both of them lost to the legendary boxing champion of Japan, both of which waited for 2-3 years, and hoped that Dongshan would rise again.And this game is a starting point for the two to return to the world ranking again.

Two -fold event

The start of this year’s professional boxing contest next year was originally arranged in City of Dreams, Macau, which was originally arranged on December 20 this year to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of Macau’s return.

However, due to the repeated epidemic, Macau tightened the process of holding large-scale events, so the famous promoter Liu Gang and the previous event director of “Kunlun” Tony Chen Horuo shifted the competition to Bangkok, Thailand.


Bangkok competition scene

The venue is a high-end Muay Thai fighting and performing arts bar that Tony Chen is investing in, comes with facilities such as lighting and ring.Liu Gang intends to cooperate with Tony to make it a race base for domestic players to go abroad to receive exercise.

With the release of domestic travel abroad, the event of the fourth day of the New Year was a test of the two sides.

Kimura Xiang was reduced to 108 pounds in Fouzhou in 2019. After challenging the world title of 3C Cunsarez’s world, it was not smooth in Japan.

His boxing owner has Ji Ji, because he violates the regulations of the Japanese professional boxing organization JBC, he asked the boxer to share the fees from the boxer, but he was revoked and was revoked.To this end, Kimura Xiang had to find another boxing hall to sign a contract temporarily.

In 2020, in a 10 -round match in the Philippines, Kimura Ko KO a second -tier intercontinental organization ABF intercontinental boxer Sabirio was re -attributed to the professional arena.

However, because his technical system is considered too rustic, not gorgeous, and lacking attractiveness in Japan, he has always lacked a strong promotion, and there is no competition that can participate.

Throughout 2021, Kimura Xiang did not register a domestic boxer license in Japan. He had to go to China to cooperate with the fighting show and earn a little living expenses.

On May 9 this year, in a 8 -round adjustment match in the Paradise of Tokyo, Kimura Takamoto made a tie with the 1-0 majority of the majority.

Horikawa was once a Japanese newcomer king. In October 2019, he went to Shanghai, China to participate in the Sino -Japanese confrontation. At that time, the WBO World Youth Boxer Gold Belt, which challenged China Li Xiang, also ended in a draw.

Only two formal games have been played in 3 years, and Kimura Takuya has been waiting for a grade, a chance to return.

Similarly, the same is true of Ulan Tuohazi.


Kimura Kimura in Shanghai

The distress of the two parties

On December 31, 2019, in the WBO112 pound of the World Golden Belt Challenge in Tokyo, Ulan was defeated by Tanaka Hengcheng KO in 3 rounds.In the game at the time, he played more restrained and failed to play his level.

In the three years from 2020 to 2022, the Kazakh guy was difficult to find a suitable opponent in China because his personal strength surpassed the domestic boxer.The epidemic caused foreign boxers to enter, and he could not go abroad to participate, so he could only rely on training to maintain a state.

On November 24 this year, in the MAX6 round of the MAX6 round in Yunnan for 32 months, he unanimously judged 3-0 to defeat the domestic boxer Luan Guangheng.

However, facing opponents with only 5 games and active attacks.Although Wulan played calmly, it was slightly rustic.Obviously, long -term war array has caused his fist feelings seriously.

Therefore, the confrontation with Kimura this time is difficult for the two to compare with the peak period from 2017-2019.

However, for Kimura Kimura and 29 -year -old Ulan, this is a rare opportunity for them to find honors and stand up in the ruins and return to the center of the stage.

After the Yunnan tournament, Ulan has been fighting with his coach Ren Hongbao to carry out actual combat locally.Kimura Xiang arrived in China about a month ago for isolation, and then recovered with Chinese target divisions in the boxing hall in Shanghai.

When the stage of the game was delayed to Thailand, Kimura Kimura was re -arranging his schedule.According to Sina Sports, he decided to return to Japan first, and then used his connections in Thailand to go to Thailand to prepare for the final preparation.

Before preparing for Zou Shiming and Hengcheng, Tanaka, Kimura Takuya also arranged like this.

At present in the 112 -pound flies, the world’s four major organizations have changed the king flag.

WBC’s World boxing champion is the Mexican Hurio-Cezdinnes (17 wins and 1 loss and 13ko); WBA’s world boxing champion is Ukrainian Atmm Dalakian (21 wins and 15ko);It is the British Sonny Edwardz (19 wins and 4KO); WBO’s boxing champion Nakagura defeated Shan in April (2019 Shanghai Sino-Japanese War in Ulan), and has returned the golden belt back toAt present, the 112 -pound world throw of WBO.

For Kimura Xiang and Ulan, who can get the international gold belt of this WBA will help him return to the top 15 of the WBA world.If there is a stable game next year, the winner between the two will have the opportunity to challenge the world title again.Therefore, this is a very tempting battle.

I believe that after 5 years, the regular contest between Kimura Xiang and Chinese boxers will become a striking sports topic during the Spring Festival next year.


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