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Kim Shihuan was elected as the best player of the 2022 Asian tour, Jin Feiwu won the Best Newcomer Award


Jin Shihuan

Beijing time on January 5th, Sihwan Kim (Sihwan Kim) of the 2022 season was voted by the Asian Tour players as the best player of the 2022 season Asian Tour, and Korean player Jin Feiwu (BIOKim) is the best newcomer of the 2022 Asian Tour.

The Korean American golf player Kim Shihuan ushered in the best season since his 11 -year career in 2022. Not only did he win the first victory since the transfer of his transfer in Thailand in the International Series, and then he won in Thailand.His second Asian tour champion, finally won a prize of $ 627,458, won the 2022 Asian Tour Prize King on his 34th birthday.

“I am convinced that no one will be surprised by Jin Shihuan’s most important award for the Asian Tour (the best ball player in the Asian Tour),” Cho MINN THANT, Specialist and CEO of the Asian Tour and the CEO of the Asian Tour,”This is a sign that is truly respected, because it is voted by the golfers, and it fairly proves the strength of the golfer who maintains a focus, patiently waiting for the return of its own time.”

At the same time, as one of the “graduates” of the Asian Tour Qualification School Examination in the 2020 season, Jinfeiwu achieved its first victory in the Asian Tour of the Asian Tour season, and there were 4 more than the top five.The tourist bonus list ranked second, and he was elected as the best newcomer of the annual Asian Tour without controversy.

In addition, the PIF Saudi International Tournament, which was presented by SoftBank Investment Consultant, was voted for the best event of the annual Asian Tour by the Asian Tour players, while the international series of Thai stations became the annual Asian tour of the year.The best event, the Madinaty Golf Club from Cairo, Egypt, was awarded the Best Golf Course of the Year by the Asian Tour.

In this regard, Tang Chimin said: “In the Saudi International Tournament, the Asian Tour has achieved the best season at the beginning of the season.Established a benchmark, this is dreaming. Soon after, the International Series Thai Station was held. This is the success of sensationality and has become an ideal way to start the international series., Our golfs are constantly praising at the game. This stadium perfectly matches the level of the level. In this very special place, it tests everyone’s efforts. The court is for us.There was an additional effort to ensure that the golf course was in the perfect situation to ensure that the golf course was in the perfect situation.”,”

In addition, Joohyung Kim, the 2020-2021 Asian Tour Prize, won the award for the average minimum of the Asian tour with 68.93.Thai player Nitithorn Thippong seized 263 birds throughout the season, becoming the “Bird King” of the 2022 Asian Tour.Korean player Kyongjun Moon’s success rate on the standard rod on the standard rod on the upper fruit rod is as high as 77.41%, which was the top of the data.Swedish player Bjorn Hellgren kept the average kick-off of 313.62 yards and was elected as the captain of the 2022 Asian tour.Bangladesh’s famous star Studio once again showed an excellent push rod. The average number of push rods in each round was only 28.25, which ranked high among the technical statistics.

The Brazilian player Adilson Da Silva ranked first among the two major technical data, reaching the top with a successful rate of 84.71%, and also obtained in the rescue of the ball.69.31%success rate.

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