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Ke Jie opened the live broadcast again: I only laughed at the restaurant mobile phone I opened only Huawei

Ke Jie opened the live broadcast after two days. This live broadcast has a wide range of exchanges with netizens. From the details of his restaurant, the mood of wanting to travel, and the game of the game, you can prepare for the “Skin Skin” live broadcast. It’s easier than the last live broadcast.

Ke Jie said with emotion that I have been winning the game, but if the official game is lost, I do n’t want to live broadcast, or what is the way to change, such as “Skin Skin”. My personal isolation is over, but the community is blocked, and now the competition is not comparable. The school can’t get in. I feel that there is nothing to go. I really want to travel around the world, travel around the world, and prepare to pick up English and practice English.

For the Cantonese cuisine restaurant that I opened in Hangzhou, Ke Jie said that I want to make the restaurant with traditional Chinese cultural ideas. I used a lot of Lion dance elements in Guangdong. Do not join and star platforms.

Both Both Go Anchor Battle Eagle mentioned Ke Jie’s restaurant. Ke Jie joked that let the Eagle sauce go to my restaurant to make a video. She couldn’t do it by itself. If there was no money, I would send us takeaway and send it for two months.

Some netizens asked Ke Jie’s mobile phone brand. Ke Jie said that my mobile phones and computers were Huawei. It was not Huawei. I did n’t need it. I said a big close -up to the camera.

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  1. The first in the active world is fake news

  2. I only use Apple [Smile]

  3. Both Ko Jie or study in college support him! But it ’s disgusted that he is always black and yang blame Huawei

  4. weakly ask: Is there a person named“ Nie Dazhan ”on the World Crown Ranking List?

  5. No wonder the apprentice of Nie Dazui. The master bought a wine apprentice to open the restaurant. It is best to disappear to leave the chess scene.

  6. Li Changhao retired?

  7. Is this in a hurry? Knowing that you are about to expire! Injury Zhongyong

  8. Your question is: always consider the next half of the body

  9. Children who want to retreat to the second line immediately

  10. Go to college, play games, make a variety show, open a restaurant, talk about live …….. If there is no fall, if he can return to the peak, unless the sun comes out of the west, his legend will be lonely.

  11. People have proud capital, do you have it?

  12. Ding Kejie!

  13. Is not the temperament of a big chess player

  14. See the lens is Apple iPhone14 Pro

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