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Kane’s recovery training can play for the United States but rest for a rest

England captain Harry Kane was injured in the second half of the first round of the World Cup group stage. After the game, he needed to further check his right ankle.

Fortunately, Kane resumed training yesterday, and coach Sosgate confirmed that he would participate in the next game.

In the second half of the match against Iran, Kane was knocked down by Prard Ganji. He continued the game until the 75th minute.

After further inspection, the England team confirmed that Kane’s ankle injury was not serious. He participated in training yesterday, but he can see that Kane’s right ankle is bandaged. At present, he does not know if he has fully recovered.

According to the BBC, Sosgate confirmed that Kane could play in the game against the United States. “He conducted a physical examination on Wednesday (23rd) to ensure that everything was normal. There was no problem, but he conducted separate training and could participate in the Friday night competition.”

However, Soss Gate needs to consider whether Kane rests.

The British team’s qualifying situation is optimistic. The Three Lion Legion has Rashford and Wilson to play arrows. Kane is very important for England, so letting him rest may be a good idea.

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