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Kane: It is also very good to get 1 point. We are in a favorable position

In the World Cup group B competition on Friday, the England team tied the US team 0-0 and ranked first with 4 points.

The British team captain Harry Kane said that although the team was lost in this game, the team was in good condition.

“This is not our best performance. We have some good moments, but we are not sharp enough in the frontcourt. But keeping the goal is not good, 1 point allows us to be in a favorable position of the group. It is a difficult opponent, we must look forward. “

Kane praised the US team’s oppression well. “They have brought us a lot of difficulties, and we must respect our opponents. In the World Cup, no game is easy to play. After the first game, everyone is everyone. We all think that we will defeat all teams, but this is not the case. “

The coach Sosgate said: “We do not play like Iran, but this situation always happens. This is a cup. In the process of passing the level, we must have such a night. You must show that you must show it. Different levels can achieve good results. “

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  1. It has always been fake balls, always.

  2. Fake fart!England has never won the United States.

  3. 100 % fake ball, the draw has already become a final game

  4. is also the second child in the “Five Eyes Alliance”, how can you not let the boss look at the boss

  5. After the field is waiting for the jersey to kneel downEssenceThe harvesting field will not be too much time.

  6. England to Wales as long as it does not lose more than 3 goals!

  7. Kane has seen Zhen Huan Chuan?

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