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Judgment report: Two key omissions of riding cows and cow warming achieved 71 points in Michell

On January 4th, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the last two minutes of the Cavaliers against the Bulls yesterday. The referee reported that two missed sentences appeared in the last two minutes of the regular time, both of which were beneficial to the Cavaliers.

The first missed sentence took place at the last 12.1 seconds of the regular time. Allen got a step in the step. The referee missed the judgment. Allen’s score helped the Cavaliers to get the pursuit of tie.

The second missed judgment occurred in the last 4.6 seconds of the regular time. Mitchell deliberately made a free throw and dragged the game into the overtime.

In the end, with two missed sentences, the Cavaliers successfully dragged the game into the overtime, and won the victory with Mitchell’s outstanding play in the overtime.

Moreover, before the final dunk of the conventional time, Mitchell scored only 56 points, the replenishment hit 58 points, scored 13 points in overtime, and finally scored the highest 71 points in active duty.

It can be said that these two key missing judgments helped the Cavaliers to win, and it has also become one of the necessary factor in Michell to score 71 points.

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