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Joey: We will have 4 foreign aids in the next round.

On January 8th, the fourth round of the Football Association Cup, 1-2 Zhejiang team in Xingzhou, Jinan, a press conference after the match, the head coach of the Zhejiang team, Joey, attended.

The Joddi commented on the competition: before the game, it predicted that the opponent would maintain a high strength. On the court, we did not fully control the game. There were also many cases of folding back. The opponent also created a lot of opportunities.But we also have more goals.Congratulations to our domestic players again, because there is no foreign aid today.We also have very powerful players and scores. We are also very satisfied. We scored 6 goals in two rounds.We want to congratulate our opponents, they are also very strong, and their ideas and systems are good.

Speaking of the team’s foreign aid situation, Joey said: “We have four foreign aids, they are all ready.”

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