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Jinqinke: Stelin is one of the best in the world. We must stare at him

On Saturday’s European Cup 1/4 final, Ukraine will play against the powerful England. Ukrainian player Jinqinke believes that Manchester City teammates will be a huge threat.[The European Cup 1/4 final profit cheats are here!] [Download the app to double the profit!]

Sterling has scored 3 goals in the European Cup. If he played the right side in the game against Ukraine, Jinqinke, who kicked the left -wing guard, will confront him.

Jinqinke said: “Who is the strongest opponent I have encountered? I would say it is Manchester City player. Stirling is one of the best wingers in the world.Winning. “

Jinqinko believes that Ukraine coach Shefuqinko must make targeted deployment: “We must be careful about Stelin to curb him.”

Ukraine’s strength is not as good as England, but Jinqinke said that they will not be timid because of this. “The total value of the England bench players may be three times that of our team, but we will not be afraid, but we will be motivated.” (Ivan Ivan.)

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