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Jiamian: Messi Golden Globe Super Cristiano Ronaldo is fair.


Messi won the Golden Globe Award

Messi won the Golden Globe for the sixth time, surpassing Ronaldo’s 5 times, and became the player with the largest number of Golden Globe Awards in history. Essence

The Daily Sports Daily pointed out that Ronaldo was not so comfortable in Italy. Last season, he ranked fourth on the A shooter list, and scored 6 goals in 11 games this season, ranking 12th in the Sagittarius list. Messi was the best shooter La Liga last season. This season, he ranked second in the La Liga scorer. He scored 8 goals, Benzema played 10 goals, but the French played 5 games in 5 games.

After Messi officially won the 2019 Golden Globe Award, the “Daily Sports News” played the title of “Messi broke the unfair balance with Ronaldo”, indicating that Messi is the best player in the world. After the 6th Golden Globe Award, he broke the equality of the Cristiano Ronaldo in the Golden Globe Award. Cristiano Ronaldo won the Golden Globe prize mainly to score and Real Madrid’s Champions League trophy. Although Messi was the best player in the world, it was influenced by Real Madrid’s winning the Champions League. In the last 6 Golden Globes, Real Madrid players won 5 sessions, including Ronaldo 4 trophy and 1 trophy of Modric. And from personal performance, Messi should always win awards.

The Daily Sports News said that it is finally fair now. Messi is at a high level alone. Messi has only one. Cristiano Ronaldo can be the best shooter, but Messi is the best player, which is the biggest difference. Messi is magic, genius, Cristiano Ronaldo is diligent and hard work. The Portuguese is worthy of recognition, but the essence of football lies in Messi. (Ivan)

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