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Jaylen Brown publicly taunt Nike on behalf of the players to support Owen?

Jaylen Brown publicly taunt Nike on behalf of the players to support Owen?-1

On November 11th, Beijing time, Jaylen Brown, vice chairman of the NBA Player Association, updated his personal social media to ridicule the famous sports brand Nike.

The founder and chairman of Nike, Phil Knight, talked about the cancellation of the internet player Karry Irving.This is why we end this relationship. I am satisfied with this end. “

In addition, Phil Knight claims that Nike players not only depends on the strength of the player, but also the player’s personality.

Jay Jay Brown reposted Fier Knight’s interview news and commented: “When did it start, Nike also cares about morality?”

Jaylen Brown is the vice chairman of the players’ association, and his public voice also represents the attitude of the player union to a certain extent.

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  1. Brown said well, there are too many puppet gentlemen.

  2. The next day, Xiao Hua and Jaylen Brown conducted talks [Doge]

  3. What is the thinking of black people?An unruly guy, selfishness, did not consider it for collective considerations. This kind of person changed me as the head coach and had long been not allowed him to play.

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