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Japanese fans returned to Germany to Germany after the game

Before the game, the German team covered her mouth collectively, and Japanese fans returned this action to the Germans after the game.

When the German team’s starting team covered his mouth collectively, the German Football Association issued a statement as soon as possible: “We want to use the captain’s sleeve to show our values in the German national team: diversity and mutual respect. We hope to hear us with other countries with other countries.Sound. This is not to issue a political statement, but FIFA refusing to wear a cufflinter is equivalent to depriving us of the right to speak, so we adhere to our position. “

But there is a voice that the Germans have brought politics and ideology to the football field.

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  1. The West has declined. It was very simple when prosperous. Sports was sports and had nothing to do with others. Now I am about to lose the guidance power, start desperately trying to speak, seize all opportunities to show. Nothing is related to political sports values.

  2. Football is far from politics. This is the hope of the people of the world. Germans and Europeans should not want to talk about others. You are not higher than others!

  3. Do you mean that the Iranian team should not sing the national anthem and deserve to lose?

  4. Westerners think that they only respect their own value and do not respect the value of other countries.

  5. Lost to live! Where are there so many things! Intersection

  6. Westerners have always been their own diversity. Others cannot. Western freedom of speech is beneficial to themselves. Others will selectively report!

  7. When Russia was banned, politics has entered the football field

  8. Losses well, playing football badly, engage in politics show, and then lose the next game

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    Thebottomofthericebucket 11月 24, 2022 at 4:14 上午

    Cover your mouth, you can also indicate that you can also indicate that you can express it. Nothing to say! The Germans said before the game, indicating that they would lose nothing. After the game, the Japanese said that it expressed shut -mouth!

  10. Lost well, play the ball, play a good goals, make political shows, and then lose, hurry up and get me!

  11. Lost well! Little man!

  12. In fact, I was beaten to say nothing

  13. British kneeling, indicating that Iran would be abused and kneeling; Germany covered their mouths, indicating that Japan would counterattack the sound in a reversal way. Essence Essence Who said that the current World Cup that can be included in the history book is not wonderful?

  14. Pretend to be beaten, haha.

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