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Japanese fans packed garbage fans on the court after the game: The cleaners are going to be unemployed

Japanese players packed the locker room cleanly and won praise from FIFA.

The FIFA showed pictures of the Japanese locker room and praised: “After the historic victory of Germany in the 4th World Cup, Japanese fans cleared the garbage at the stadium, and when the Japanese team left the Harry Fat International Stadium, the locker room That’s it, it’s not dyed. Thank you very much. “

After the game, Japanese fans also stayed to help clean up the scene. A reporter said: “Someone said to me that it was normal. Japanese fans decided to stay to clean up the court.”

ESPN also showed photos of Japanese fans to clean up garbage and said: respect.

Some fans said: This is quality.

It is worth mentioning that after Qatar’s match against Ecuador, Japanese fans helped to clean up garbage. But not everyone agrees with Japanese fans.

Some netizens said that before the cleaners’ debut, they grabbed the work of others, which inevitably caught the cleaners into an embarrassing situation. Some netizens said that if Japan did not insist on giving nuclear sewage to the world, I would almost believe it.

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  1. Daily blowing is everywhere, and the brain is increasing.There are also many Japanese people who have been protesting, and there are still until now ~

  2. Objectively speaking, nuclear sewage is a breakdown of politicians and the public.I almost believed it.

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    thousandsofreincarnation 11月 24, 2022 at 4:14 上午

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