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James’s one -stop counterattack was blocked by the cover of the alphabet nail plate to send a big gift

On December 3, Beijing time, the Los Angeles Lakers challenged Milwauki Bucks away. The two sides of the game entered the final decisive battle, and LeBron James was blocked by Yannis Aditono in a counterattack.

At that time, the game reached 7 minutes and 24 seconds. After the Bucks made a mistake in the frontcourt, James steal one dragon counterattack.

James’s left-handed ball breakthrough first passed Grayssen Allen. At the end of the preparation, he was layup and suffered a big hat of the letter brother.

After completing the cover of the letter, the male deer team fans fell into a boiling, and the audience shouted in unison.

The direct opposition between the letters and James ended James’s goal with a big hat, becoming the first of the five best goals today.

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  1. Thai -built brain fistula!

  2. Indeed, but not letting thick eyebrows shine is James

  3. People do n’t talk about muscles and bones are capable

  4. Kuroko brain residue

  5. Reply
    Thecharacterofthestory丷user7771128600 12月 4, 2022 at 3:03 上午

    The passing of the ball should be passed down. This ball is thrown backwards, and the eyebrows follow up with thick eyebrows, and the ten best balls.

  6. If this ball has been buckled in this year

  7. Lao Zhan looked at the alphabet song, his eyes were all younger you were [cute]

  8. Reply
    Mobileusers2828358147 12月 4, 2022 at 3:03 上午

    was the old man who won James.

  9. The mistakes were controlled today. Wei Shao did not go up and did not make a mistake. Although the two free throws were not made at critical moments, the Bucks were given the last chance, but in general, it was quite powerful.

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    Cantakeanestinonepalm 12月 4, 2022 at 3:03 上午

    The Lakers are terrible

  11. Reply
    ChinarefuelingShandongrefueling 12月 4, 2022 at 3:03 上午

    The letter has won James, great![Good] [Good] [Good]

  12. You are really fast … Haha

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