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James’s eyebrows are determined to come back!The starting partner Schrodwalk Heiba

On December 10th, Beijing time, according to the Lakers and team reporters Mike Trudeel, the Lakers star LeBron James and Anthony Davis will come back in the game against 76 people today.

Both James and Davis were absent from the last Lakers against the Raptors due to injuries. Today, 76 people played against 76 people. James and Davis came back together. Bellyi, who was absent from the last game, will also appear in today’s game.

The Lakers coach Ham revealed that James, Davis, and Bellyle will debut in the competition. The other two starters are Schroeda and Langnie Walker, and Major General Weighing continues to play bench.

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  1. The legs are good, Zhan Huang can play

  2. The thighs are good, Zhan Huang can play

  3. Strong eyebrows and colds to rest for two games to understand, what injury James suffers can be suddenly bad.

  4. The thick eyebrows come back, and the stalls are decisive and intelligent.

  5. The right ankle injury follows the injury of thick eyebrows.[receive]

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