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James reviews the Cavaliers’ lineup to return?The knight does not seem to need him

Everyone expects that James will return to Cleveland’s record of Barl Malone, but he has completed a surpassing predecessor in Washington in the last game. He returned to Cleveland, and James is already the second scoring king of history.

Although there is no script that is crowned at home at home, the match between the knights and James is still full of topicality.

Whenever James returns to this land wearing a different color jersey, everyone will guess -would he still put on the knight jersey to play ball again?

For James, he will never let go of the opportunity to create topics. This season, the Lakers are full of wind and rain. On the occasion of internal and external problems, the rumors of the James Three Palace Knights have never stopped.

Because we all know that James will only make the most favorable choice for ourselves, and the Lakers who are going downhill are obviously not where James wants.

James, 37, has become famous. He is already a superstar remembered by basketball history, but he also has an insurmountable mountain in front of him.

At the peak of his career, he must approach the achievements of his predecessors as much as possible, or even surpass him, so at this time he still needs more honor and data, and all this is inseparable from a competitive team Essence

In the old and weak Lakers, it is difficult for James to impact the championship. He can only make his data look better as possible when the team is defeated.

But the scores received by the loss always have almost meaning, and smart, as James, is bound to be unwilling to fall into the population. Therefore, he still wants to play in a stronger team, otherwise he will not always release the news. He must consider where to play the next stop.

James once ignored the knight, but now he has grown into a youth army better than the Lakers. At this time, James had a reason to throw olive branches from the Cavaliers again. This year, the All -Star election has won Galan and Allen.

The match against Kleveland was undoubtedly an opportunity for the emperor to review the troops.

Although the old king’s new appearance is good, it is more important that this team has more possibilities than the Lakers. Look at Galan in the game in the game. The clever assists sent out made people involuntarily admire.

Also known as the next Anthony Davis, Mo Burry, continuously pressed the Lakers’ weak inside line at both ends of the offensive and defense, it is difficult for you not to dump these young talents.

Galan sent 17 assists in only one mistake, and at the same time, there were 29 points of super firepower. James looked at such a scene. It seemed that it was difficult to imagine something?

For example, what is the point of these young people growing up next year? If I joined forces with them, is it the fifth crown of individuals?

Is it better to fight in the Lakers alone?

When the James contract expires next year, it is a win -win choice to return to the Cavaliers.

On the one hand, the Sanjin Palace, who returned to the Cavaliers, can bring James a script that exerts space. The return home has always been a thing that everyone likes to see.

Not to mention that a superstar has won various honors (even he may even reach the historical score king next season) to the beginning of the dream. Such a story completely knocked on everything James wanted.

On the other hand, in addition to being able to speculate on the gimmicks of home returning home, James can also tell fans a new story:

After winning all the honors that can be obtained, the old king played his own heat to nurture his team and lead young people to impact the highest stage of the basketball world. Is this script attractive enough to fans?

If James really leads the Cavaliers’ young people to rule the alliance, then the power of the fifth crown and the second champion of the team history, plus the bonus of “Cleveland, this is for you!” Sitting in the second look, even sitting with Jordan is not a delusion.

However, after all, all this is just the fans’ conjecture. Although the narrative of the script is beautiful, but the execution will eventually look like.

Just like the Lakers were applauded when they got the West Masa, but now they have become the street mouse, and everyone shouts.

Although the Cavaliers seem to be the perfect next stop of James, does the Cavaliers really need James to return?

Today, the young knights are prosperous. They demonstrate for the whole league that as long as the well -established team building strategy is correct, they can rise from the predicament.

The Cavaliers personally selected Galan, Mobri, Oaklo, and Allen, which was exchanged for accurate materials, grew up to high -level players. Among them, Galan and Allen became new all -star. The embryo of a unicorn.

The Cavaliers were considered to be without James, and they could only go all the way, but this season they let everyone see that without James can actually achieve it.

The potential of this team is endless. It is difficult for you to say that if the Cavaliers continue to adhere to the right thing and do not make big mistakes, they cannot reach the finals, and even the data website has listed the possibility of the Cavaliers to win the championship.

Although James is a historical superstar and has countless fetters with Cleveland, everyone knows that whenever James joins a team, this team must invest all resources and even overdraw the future potential to support James’ needs.

This is of course beneficial to James at the peak, but is this really good for the team’s long -term development?Maybe a question mark.And the current Cavaliers are in the starting stage of rise, so do they need a pace of disrupting the team in the future?

In 2017, Owen joined the young Celtics as the operation of locking the championship, but in fact Irving broke the pace of Celtics to build a team. In the past two years, the particles have not harvested and eventually ended.

And James in the Lakers, except for Davis in 2020, rushed to the championship, the performance of the rest of the season did not seem to be very satisfactory?

Therefore, James needed the Cavaliers as the perfect stage for his tour before his retirement, but the Cavaliers didn’t seem to want to agree.EssenceEssenceEssenceEssenceEssence

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  1. A Huang must have wanted to go home to the rising period. In the past, he could only destroy other changes. How many championships did the first champion?

  2. How many champions do you?

  3. The Warriors rely on money, two rely on money, and three reasons for jokes. By referee

  4. Whether it is teammates or opponents, they call his brother. Do you feel boring and embarrassing in this injury?

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    You Mousse, who planned to be friends with?

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    [Doge] In 2022, there are still people who think that James will only be Kobe fans instead of Curry or other fans || | Zhanmi is really brain! novel!

  7. Whenever James returns to this land wearing a different color jersey, everyone will guess -would he still put on the knight jersey to play ball again? Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

  8. Fight in the Lakers alone?

  9. A ball holding a thigh, a slag, is it worth blowing?

  10. everyone reads together: ten decisives and six knees, one park, two relying on Allen, and a stall with thick eyebrows holding their legs for six steps to layup. || It is great to enter the finals 10 to go to the finals. How much is paid? Kuroko will say, I do n’t listen to me or not listen to it

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