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James responded to the rumor of Meiji: I focus on teammates instead of big list

On January 9, Beijing time, the Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James updated social media today, and he responded to some previous reports on Twitter.In particular, I have always focused on competitions and teammates, not the team’s big list.

When American basketball reporter Sam Amake recently interviewed James, he published an article entitled “James Talking Lakes Telephone Adjustment Plan, what happened?”

In the report on some of the attitudes of James, Amak made a subjective judgment.This caused James’s doubt, so he responded on social media: “In fact, my patience has not weakened, and you seem to be frustrated, but I am not frustrated. I told you again that my job isThe teammates who focus on the locker room, not the team’s list, this is the content of that conversation. “

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  1. Just say that you do n’t want to want money, maybe it may

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    DriftingofShunshui198706 1月 10, 2023 at 2:50 上午

    Data fake is difficult?Without Nike, it is just a blue -collar

  3. I will ask, if James is 40 years old, he has averaged more than 25 points per game.If this is still hard, it means that it is purely for black talk.

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    TheslowestSportsShengYasuoRun 1月 10, 2023 at 2:50 上午

    Should I take the week tomorrow?

  5. So few

  6. Hehe, the daughter -in -law runs away from others

  7. I should only focus on the scoring (should be removed)

  8. The sunspots have fighting for death, Lao Zhan is still the top vote of the All -Star List, hahaha

  9. Hehe, TJ is a tapeworm again, cow

  10. At that time that little TJ was still a cell.How could it know, haha

  11. Elementary school students, did they start watching basketball?How much do you know about Lao Zhan?

  12. As long as the news of the Lakers or James, it must be black [Haha]

  13. Dare to say dare to do it, do everything, and to force it to explain it.Ni, I started to warm up again

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