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James continues to be absent!Five consecutive injuries and 5 browsing team winning three consecutive victories

On November 23, Beijing time, according to the Lakers and the team reporter Mike Trudeel, the Lakers’ star LeBron James missed the internal dopycareis and missed the Lakers against the sun.Field game.

James retreats in Luocheng Derby on November 10, and subsequently diagnosed the left internal dopycro tension, and has been absent to this day.

James had been absent from 4 consecutive games before. Today, he continued to be absent due to injuries and missed the Lakers’ away game against the sun.

During the shortage of James, the Lakers achieved a record of 3 wins and 1 loss.Anthony Davis scored 35 points and 17.3 rebounds in the past three games, leading the Lakers to win three consecutive victories.

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  1. You must be green by him, otherwise you will scold people when you comment [Haha]

  2. Lao Zhan Jia adds Booker and Aton. The sun gets the second person in history, the Lakers get the future, a win -win transaction.

  3. Recently, Thai … Jian … was mad by the good performance of the lake without the lake! Live …

  4. Ride -hacking until I lose and return again

  5. There must be someone being green, or so many wild Browni?

  6. Haha, you can rest assured, the old Zhan will have history to get history. The score king will definitely not retreat, you will be angry with you, what can you kill you?

  7. If I can win today, I would have traded Lao Zhan in the early days

  8. If this game is not for the sun, maybe Zhan runs back. Better, without James, the Lakers can play normal. No matter losing or losing, at least it is a good thing for the Lakers

  9. Very good news [Applause]

  10. How can you come back when playing the sun

  11. Thailand … Jianjian …………………. Everywhere is Azhong.

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