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Italian Cup-Laitaro broke the door of Achelby 2-1 Parma 2-1 Parma

At 4 am on January 11, Beijing time, the 1/8 final of the Italian Cup, Inter Milan eliminated Parma through the overtime 2-1, becoming the first team to advance to the top 8.

In the 38th minute, the Parma team launched an offensive in the frontcourt. Zim returned to the heel. The world wave broke out at the top of the Uric arc.

In the 88th minute, Inter tingling the score, and the opponent’s player’s header was not far away. After the goal was stopped on the line of the penalty area, Outarta pulled out the goal.

In the 110th minute, the Inter Milan overtaked the score, and Achel broke the goal than the header, and the score on the field became 2-1.

In the final 120 minutes of the game, the Inter Milan team defeated Parma with a score of 2-1 with the score of 2-1.

Inter Milan’s starting: 24-ONANA, 33-Danbrowo (80’15-Achelby), 95-Bastney (65’32-Dimalko), 6-Deferi, 2 2-Dunfreis (65’12-Bellena), 8-Gosons (80’36-Damian), 5-Calia Erdini, 22-Mashitar (65’9-Zheko), 14-Astlani, 10-Laitaro, 11-Huajin-Correa (112’37-Shikrinia)

Parma starting: 1-Buffon, 30-Valenti (105’39-Alexandro), 4-Powelg, 3-Osrio, 15-Delprato, 16-BenalBelle (80’20-Anto Wan), 8-Estvis (73’23-Derrisa), 19-Somme (80’28-mmharara), 7-Ben Deyzak (73’45-Injecese), 98-Dennis-Man (25’24-Yuric), 10-Frank Basques

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    Thepastyearofthewaterflowcanbechasedbythepast 11 1 月, 2023 at 2:26 上午

    The first time I saw the World Cup, the league god!Laotaro, really you

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