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It is revealed that Sun Xingye can play the first game of the World Cup but dare not make a header during the training

Because of his head injury in the Champions League, Sun Xingyi could only play the World Cup with a protective mask.

Two days ago, South Korean media revealed that Sun Xingzhang’s application for a mask to participate in the World Cup had been approved by FIFA.South Korean newspapers revealed that the mask texture made of carbon as the material is very hard and can resist the impact of greater intensity.

Nevertheless, because of worrying about the head of the head again, Sun Xingyi could not touch the ball with his head in training.

According to Korean newspapers, Sun Xingzheng had no problem in passing and shooting during training, but he could not conduct headball training.At present, his face injury will definitely affect his header, but this does not prevent him from playing the first game of the World Cup group stage.

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  1. Any major injury is fatal for professional athletes, not only physiological, but also psychological

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