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It is revealed that James will return to the Lakers the Spurs in the first battle of the Lakers this Saturday

On November 23, Beijing time, according to relevant media reports, LeBron James prepared to come back in the next Lakers after several consecutive games.

American basketball reporter Chris Hayes broke the news that James will return to the team in the game with the San Antonio Spurs this Saturday.Previously, James had stopped for five consecutive games, and the Lakers had achieved three wins and two negative records.

Before the start of the game with the Suns today, the Lakers just won the Spurs.

In the 10 games played by James this season, averaging 35.7 points per game, contributing to 24.9 points, 8.8 rebounds and 6.9 assists and 1.1 steals.

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  1. What do you come back, harm the team?

  2. The seriousness of the problem now is whether to report to the police together [not easy]

  3. Pick a weak team to come back

  4. Your quality is here to recruit the old Jen Black

  5. Now is James playing and not playing with you. Easy to be like a team!

  6. Come back, anyway, the Spurs do not want to win

  7. Hahahaha, the countdown to the penultimate team in the league touches the porcelain champion FMVP

  8. There is a bad premonition

  9. The Spurs are rotten. Are you sticky now?

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