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It is imperative that Shandong Taishan wants to take more championships to deepen equity reform

Reporter Chen Yong reported that a few days ago, a rumor of “Shandong Energy Group’s entry into Shandong Taishan Football Club” caused a heated discussion of Taishan fans. In their opinion, if Shandong Energy Group in Shandong Province can intervene in the Taishan Club’s stock reform, the slightestThere is no doubt that Taishan’s equity structure will be more stable, the source of funds is more reliable, and the future prospects are more bright.However, this rumor was not confirmed.

At the same time, on the occasion of the Thashan Club’s share reform for two years, the team’s record was good, winning a Super League champion and three FA Cup championships, three years and four championships, performed strongly;Wang; At the youth level, the Taishan Qingxun echelon won three three championships in the Chinese Youth Football League men’s group.

However, in this process, the funding support after the reform also has risks. This risk mainly comes from the club’s major shareholder of the club Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group.Therefore, the stock reform of the Taishan Club needs to be further deepened to establish a stable equity structure and capital allocation mechanism to realize the stable operation of the club.It does not rule out that it will happen in Mount Tai in the future.

It must be emphasized that stock reform is an important part of the “General Plan for China’s Football Reform and Development”. The national level attaches great importance to the stock reform of professional clubs and has been discussing and promoting related matters.In this regard, there are no problems, and problems will not be allowed.

As we all know, the 2022 season, Taishan has encountered great difficulties, especially at the objective level, which can be described as caught off guard, including the sharp decline in the state of Felryi’s state; Sun Junhao has shrunk due to the great contribution to the team; Jade Song has been on the list of injuries for a long time;Guo Tianyu’s return state is no longer last year; in addition, Wu Xinghan, Jin Jingdao, Liao Lisheng, Wang Tong, Liu Binbin, Ji Xiang, and Song Long are also suffering from injuries. Especially at the time Wang Dalei was suspended, Han Yanze suffered injuries, causing TaishanI lost two games during that time.

Under such difficult situations, Taishan ranked runner -up with the weak and disadvantage of net winning balls in the league. In the Football Association Cup, they reached the finals for five consecutive years and eventually won the championship. This is their eighth winning the Football Association Cup championship.

However, in the 2022 season, the difficulties encountered by the club were no less than the team, especially in terms of funding facilities, the risk of arrears of salary was once. Fortunately, Jinan City resolved the crisis, but the crisis was not fundamentally lifted.

The three major shareholders of Taishan Club are Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group (40%of the shares), Luneng Group Co., Ltd. (30.69%of the shares), and State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company (holding 29.31%)The three are also finalized.

In addition, the Luneng Group allocated 5%of the equity to Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group, and the Brazilian Sports Center (Overseas Youth Training Base), which belongs to the State Grid Corporation of Brazil, also transferred to the club without compensation.The Taishan Club and Luneng Table Tennis Club can use the club base and Luneng Taishan Football School related facilities within five years.

It should be noted that the 2021 season, the club’s original operating party left five or six billion yuan of funds. The source was the transfer income of the club in the transfer market for many years.

In the 2021 season, the State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company delivered the corresponding 30%of the supporting funds to the club in accordance with the 2021 budget, and the Luneng Group also supported most of the funds at the first time (another part of the funds paid later)However, in this year, the funds of Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group have problems. It is reported that the Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group has raised about half of the funds through the club borrowing.Fund.

In the 2022 season, the club’s operation was generally smooth, but the funding problem was even more severe.At the beginning of the season, the State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company also completed the funding facilities as soon as possible; the Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group did not complete; in addition, Luneng Group did not pay supporting funds.In other words, the funds used by the Taishan Club from the 2022 season are all supporting funds from the State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company. In addition to owing about half of the supporting funds in the 2021 season, Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group also has supporting funds in the 2022 season. LunengThe group also owed.Therefore, in the middle of the season, the Taishan Club faced the risk of arrears.

After full communication and negotiation, Jinan City was directly intervened. In the middle of the season, a funds were raised to the club. This funds were about half of the supporting funds of Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group in the 2021 season.The risk of wages in the club.

At the end of the 2022 season, the two -year capital support situation of the Taishan Club was as follows: State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company completed the funding support of the 2021 and 2022 season; Luneng Group completed the funds of 2021; Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group (or JinanCity) Only about half of the supporting funds of the 2021 season, and the other half is paid through the club borrowing. It has not yet completed the funds of the 2022 season.

By sorting out the funds of the Taishan Club in the past two years, you can clearly see the huge risks facing.There are several aspects of the funds that need to be solved: First, Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group needs to solve the problem of borrowing in the 2021 season; second, Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group and Luneng Group need to pay supporting funds in the 2022 season;Shareholders need to pay the supporting funds of the 2023 season.At present, the phenomenon of not salary in the Taishan Club has not yet arrears.The problem cannot be solved. After the Spring Festival, the Taishan Club may face a huge dilemma.

Therefore, although Taishan won the FA Cup Championship in the 2020 season, the 2021 season Super League champion and the FA Cup champion, and the 2022 season FA Cup champion, the club’s efforts at the team level are likely to destroy the dilemma of funds.

From now on, it is no problem to support the supporting funds of the State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company and Luneng Group. State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company is all supporting the corresponding funds for the first time; Luneng Group also said that as long as the major shareholders complete the funding facilities, LunengThe group’s supporting funds will also be paid as soon as possible; the key to solving the problem is still the funding support for Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group (or Jinan City).

It should be noted that although the Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group is a state -owned enterprise of Jinan City, the group’s funds are relatively weak. Relying on their own strength, they cannot complete the funding support.Sports is the main business of Jinan Cultural Tourism Development Group. The corresponding capital supporting facilities should actually be completed by Jinan City.

Regarding the problem of funding facilities, the Taishan Club has actually begun to save self -rescue, that is, as much as possible to reduce unnecessary expenses, such as the 2022 season, the corresponding budgets of various departments are as streamlined as much as possible to ensure that the team runs normally.

The same is true at the level of youth training. The five Taishan echelons won three of the four championships of the Chinese Youth Football League men’s group, namely the U13 champion, U15 champion and U19 champion.The U17 team won the runner -up of the U19 group. It can be said that the Taishan Youth Training was a full harvest in the 2022 season.

But behind the glory, Taishan Youth Training and Luneng Football School also comprehensively shrink the team in order to reduce the pressure of capital.For example, in 2021, the Taishan Club combined the five age groups of 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 into one team, namely the Taishan elite team, retaining players with the largest development potential. Correspondingly, many players must play different ones.For example, the players of Taishan in 2003 and 2004, which not only played the U19 group competition of the Chinese Youth Football League, and also played the U21 league organized by the China Football Union Preparatory Group.

In fact, the defending crown has always been a hot topic in the 2021 season, but it is not as difficult as the championship. If Taishan wants to defend the title, it must be further strengthened. In fact, in the 2022 season, Taishan has lost Xu Xin’s situation in the 2022 season.It only supplemented Liao Lisheng of freedom, and in the transfer market at the time, there were many outstanding players, but in the issue of funding, Taishan did not take big action.

Therefore, although self -rescue operations have avoided the emergence of the arrears of wages to a certain extent, they have also waited for the corresponding supporting funds of Jinan City, but this self -rescue operation cannot be carried out without restrictions.

The Luneng Football School can no longer be reduced. As a banner of Chinese youth football, if it is reduced, it is likely to affect its status.

As for the first team, a good news is that in the future, with the excess player (players with a salary of 5 million yuan before the tax, and the salary of Leonardo and others), the investment of the first team will be further reduced, but this reduction will be reducedIt is impossible to continue, otherwise it will endanger the position of Taishan’s top team. If it continues to reduce the expenses, the Taishan team will gradually lose the possibility of winning the championship, and even withdraw from the first group and return to the middle reaches.But the key to the problem is, can Taishan fans accept this destiny?A wealthy club that has been in the front -line strong team for more than 20 years. If there is a poor life, can fans accept this gap?

More importantly, the two central enterprises have given all their enthusiasm for Shandong football and the Taishan Club. It is very embarrassing if the club has withdrawn from the club’s withdrawal from the championship group due to the supporting problem of capital support in Shandong or Jinan.

This newspaper learned a moving news: As early as the beginning of the Taishan Club’s stock reform as early as 2020, the State Grid once submitted a very sincere request letter to relevant national parties, hoping to continue to make the Taishan Club because this is 23 23The inheritance and persistence of the year only did not obtain permission for this request letter because of related reasons, and the State Grid lost the position of the controlling shareholder.However, in the following two years, State Grid and State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company has been working hard to help Shandong football and support the Taishan Club.

Based on the above situations, the deepening reform of the Taishan Club’s equity is imperative. This cannot be said to be ahead, but the situation is very severe and must be accelerated as soon as possible.

The first stock transition period of the Taishan Club was five years (2021 to 2025). It is currently only two years. Therefore, the first thing that needs to be solved is the problem of funding for the five -year transition period.At present, the three -party shareholders should sit down, fully communicate and negotiate, completely solve the historical problems of the history of the past two years, and the funding supporting problems in the next three years.At the same time, we discussed the deepening reform of equity after five years.

In fact, not only the shareholders of the three parties, but also the relevant aspects of Shandong Province, they should also play their due role.There are two reasons: First, the Taishan Club is an emotional bond to maintain the north of the north of Tiannan and the overseas Shandong people at home.In terms of the State Grid (State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company) and Lvfa Group (Luneng Group) negotiated and contacted to determine the direction of the stock reform. On the other hand, communicate with the relevant parties of Jinan City. In the endThe group undertakes major shareholders.Therefore, the relevant parties of Shandong Province should also be involved to promote the formation of a comprehensive, operable shareholding of shareholders, and the problem solutions of the history of the history of stock reform, and the future fund supporting plan.

Of course, those who need to resolve and negotiate are not only the stock reform and funding facilities in these five years, but also deepen the stock reform afterwards.

At present, the responsibility is probably the relevant aspects of Jinan City, so there are many things that need to be resolved in Jinan City: one is naturally the problem of loan issues in the 2021 season; the second is the supporting funds of the 2022 season.In this way, the supporting funds of Luneng Group can naturally be in place; the third is the funding support for the 2023 to 2025 season to improve the funding support mechanism.

Objectively speaking, all three problems are not easy to solve.Of course, from another perspective, Jinan City made decisive shots in the 2022 season. It has about half of the funds of about half of the 2021 season, which also makes people see hope.Now, all parties need to be implemented so that the Taishan Club can develop steadily.

To solve this problem, on the one hand, it is to keep the promise, on the other hand, to create a city business card, and more importantly, as always, it is responsible for Chinese football.

It must be explained that the stock reform and funding facilities of the Taishan Club to solve the problem plan is to establish a sound system, rather than personal enthusiasm and efforts.

Regarding the stock reform of the Taishan Club, in fact, you can look at the situation of other clubs of the Super League. At present, the three Chinese Super League clubs that have never been downgraded, Guoan has a large financial difficulties; Shenhua has completed the stock reform, and the long -term group has not only taken over to take over.The club and invested 500 million yuan to solve the problem of historical leftover. At present, the development momentum of Shenhua is generally optimistic.

In the process of stock reform in Chinese professional football, there are several main aspects.

First, the changes of the main leaders of the government, or the change of the main leaders of the state -owned enterprise, have caused major changes in the corresponding support. Earlier, there were similar situations in the China A Club that caused arrears of wages, which was deducted by the Chinese Football Association.

Second, many shareholders holding shares, multiple shareholders’ responsibility and rights, especially the supporting funds, have caused difficulties in the operation of the club. At present, there are similar situations in the Super League club, while the Taishan Club has similar risks.

Third, the main shareholders of the club have funding difficulties and cannot complete the funding for the club.

Fourth, the unlimited investment in the Jinyuan Football Age has caused it to fail. This was typical in previous years, but there are basically no companies and clubs to surpass their own strength.

As a model of the Super League professional football club, as the leader and role model of Chinese football youth training, Taishan should not have the above situation.

Another view is that the club should strengthen operations, expand business income, and reduce shareholders’ investment. This is an ideal state. However, the current Chinese professional football does not have this “hematopoietic function”.The main source of revenue from foreign professional football clubs is to broadcast income and business sponsorship, that is, the dividend of the professional alliance, but the 2022 season, the relevant league revenue of the China Football Union preparatory team, the balance of income and expenditure with the Super League operations, the club is almost impossibleIn order to obtain dividends, as for the funds obtained by the club itself, it is very limited. For top clubs, it can be described as a lot of money.

In the 2023 season, the Chinese Super League will fully return to the main away and open fans, but the ticket income will be directly linked to the team’s results. To achieve good results, it will require greater investment. In this regard, it is very difficult to improve.

Of course, this situation will not be unchanged in the future. For example, the issuance of the Super League Football Lottery may greatly alleviate the investment in professional clubs. However, this policy is also greatly limited.

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