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It is even more frustrated!Head 2022 China Limited Skiboard is opened pre -sale

The world skiing looks at Europe, European skiing is Austria. As a well -known Austrian ski sports brand, HEAD has not only always appeared on the top competition podium such as the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, the Winter Olympics and other top competition podiums. It is also particularly prominent in the Chinese market, and is sought after by Chinese ski enthusiasts.

Head also lived up to the love of Chinese ski enthusiasts, deeply dig deep into the needs and preferences of Chinese ski enthusiasts, and developed and designed a new product -Head 2022 China Limited Skiboard. This ski board officially opened pre-sale on July 7th to July 12th, with a general installation price of 8,000 yuan. The HEAD brand official said that the pre-sale period is 6 days and the number of pre-sale is 100. After the reservation was successful on July 7th to 12th, he was eligible to participate in the purchase activities on July 14.

Regardless of the design or black technology attributes, the Head 2022 Chinese limited skiboard brings a lot of surprises to Chinese ski enthusiasts. Therefore, once this skiing board is released, the market and consumers have caused a strong response, which is also expected.

In love at first sight, the appearance is perfectly interpreted with Chinese style

Red is the habit of appreciation of the Chinese people, and even becomes the symbol of the Chinese culture and spirit, which represents the lively, peaceful, and wealthy. Therefore, the main color of the HEAD 2022 Chinese limited ski board is classical red, with a simple but not simple blue and white museum -blue embellishment, full of “Chinese impression” is enough to make our ski enthusiasts “fall in love at first sight.”

In terms of design details, the Head 2022 Chinese limited ski board adopts the representative of my country’s traditional auspicious pattern, the auspicious cloud pattern, which not only has deep cultural connotation and rich and complex symbolic significance, but also one of the most vitality art forms. The most eye-catching purpose is that, as a global limited 999 HEAD 2022 China-limited ski board, each has a unique number of 001-999.

In addition, according to the traditional Chinese tribute, the year of the Tiangan Divine Branch, 2022 is the year of Ren Yinhu. As a limited model in China in 2022, the Head 2022 China Limited Ski Plate head prints 2022 words, echoing the ancient text elements of the “Renyin Tiger Year”.

It is understood that HEAD 2022 China Limited Snowboard is the first bilateral product to build for the Chinese market in the international front -line skiing brand. It is not difficult to see that HEAD’s interpretation and application of Chinese cultural elements also represents the importance of international first -tier brands to the Chinese market and the emphasis on Chinese consumers.

Repair “core” nourishment, internal structure delay uses “black technology”

Head 2022 China Limited Skiboard is not only a new product carefully prepared for China Snow Friends, but also HEAD’s always high -quality and high -tech strength.

In terms of internal structure, HEAD 2022 China Limited Skiboard is built with the World Cup Athletic series, continuing the consistent “black technology” of this series -the only snowplate electrocarse system in the world EMC (Energy Management Circuit). As a snowboard shock absorption system-EMC, which was developed in 2020, it was innovated on the basis of the previous Head ski board chip. By implanting a miniature energy management system for skiing boards, the effect of inhibiting the jitter of skiing board in suppressing the ski board. Ensure the stability of the skiing board. EMC can not only reduce the vibration of the snowboard, but also greatly shorten the vibration time of the snowboard. Whether it is daily gliding or extreme action, it can ensure the stability of the snowboard.

Head 2022 China Limited Ski Plate has a built -in 11 layer structure, and its excellent performance is built into each layer and part of the snowboard. The graphene World Cup sandwicked hat -shaped structure is created by the strongest material known as humans. , Super conductivity and auxiliary TITANAL aluminum alloy layer of the aluminum alloy layer, shock absorption performance, combined with the ultimate flexibility and response ability, provide excellent sensitivity and excellent power transmission, thereby bringing extreme game performance Essence

It is worth mentioning that, under the premise of designing and production of the skiing board products itself, HEAD also worked hard on the outer packaging of this skiboard, taking into account the needs of different consumers through ordinary clothes and gift boxes. What is even more surprising is that the Head 2022 Chinese limited skiboard will have special eggs in the gift box. Some snow friends who want to collect this ski board may wish to look forward to it.

It is worth mentioning that this year coincides with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Austria, this special time node seems to give the Head 2022 Chinese limited ski board special historical significance, which is more like a well -known Austrian ski brand given to Chinese ski enthusiasts to Chinese skiing and enthusiasts. special gift. In order to ensure the fast and safe mailing of this special gift to consumers throughout the process, HEAD and Debon Express Professional Snow Delivery Services -Snow Cling to reach a cooperative relationship, the latter has become the only official logistics partner of Head 2022 in China.

Since its establishment, HEAD has been continuously improved and innovated, and its skiing equipment has received the admiration of many top alpine ski players including Anna Fenning Ge, Linden Walne, Til Jurde and other top alpine ski players.The widespread recognition of enthusiasts has repeatedly increased its popularity, which is inseparable from Head’s leading world technology and an attitude towards the ultimate pursuit.As the leader of the world’s skiing brands, Head has not only taken into account its unique attitude, but also pursues and meets the needs of Chinese skiing enthusiasts.I believe that in the future, HEAD will continue to bring high -value and trusted products to Chinese snow friends.

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