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Issue 347 Lao Yang Arranged Three Prediction Awards: Positioning Head Heat Number

Lottery retrospective: Arrangement of 322346 Phase: 538, positioning direct selection of leakage 6, 23, 14, and the total omissions are 43.

The first number: The previous issue was: 5, the leakage of 6, the warm code, the cold code recently appeared, the anti -cold code replenishment, followed 6.

Media number: The last period appeared: 3, the omissions of 23 issues, the trend is very cold, the hot code is high in the recent frequency, 6 times in the 10 periods, the heat code is expected to be released in this period, followed by 8.

The last number: appeared in the previous issue: 8. The missing 14 issues again, the trend is relatively mild, the hot code appears less, the hot code is opened in this issue, and the 4th is opened.

Recommended Issue 2022347 Recommendation:

Double bold reference: 4 8

One code for killing: 7

5*5*5 Direct Selection Reference: 03568*12468*01245

Group Six Reference: 124568

Reference: 684

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