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Issue 345 Liu Ming Arranges Three Prediction Awards: This issue of unique reference

Lottery retrospective: Arrangement of the 2022344 issue number: 209.Among them, the size ratio ratio of the award number is 1: 2, the peak ratio is 1: 2, 012 is 2: 0: 1, the value is 11, and the span is 9.

1. Arranged 3 Recently Ten issues: 014-387-217-416-525-287-084-383-382-209, of which the 7th prize number is issued in the previous period.2022344 Phase Number: There are heavy numbers in 209, reference number: 0.

2. At present, the six -yard combination of three sets of six omissions is: 345679, and the omissions are 55.This period is expected to not thaw, that is, the remaining four yards have a prize number, follow the number: 0.

3. At present, the three groups of six omissions are: 2345679, and the omissions are 29th. This issue is not optimistic about thawing. It is expected that the remaining three yards are issued. Follow the number: 0.

4. This issue of unique reference: 8.

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