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Issue 345 Jianghua Arranged Three Prediction Awards: 5-5-5 Direct Election Recommendation

Review of the last issue: Arrangement 3 2022344 is: 209.Type: group six, strange couple: even, size: small.

Types of the prize number: After the nearly 7 occasional strangeness and the small big big, the leopard appeared once in the next issue, 5 times in the group three, and 8 times in the group six.In addition, the proportion of heavy numbers is relatively high, and the reference number 9 is 9.

The unpretentious judgment: The three prizes in the previous period were 209, and the strangeness was: Opatient, the last 7 times appeared: the even-the-time award number was: 069-861-849-289-289-221-287.

The next issue of the prize number: 747-335-760-289-620-808-084.

Among them, the award number is 7:14, and the odd number appears less. In this issue, it is prevented from replenishment.

Judgment of size: The three prizes in the previous period were 209, the size is: small large, and the award number of the small size in the near future is: 436-009-048-216-335-217-416.

The next issue is issued: 980-111-559-041-712-416-525.

Among them, the size ratio ratio of the award number is 9:12, and the size number is basically flat. In this issue, it is optimistic about the size ratio of 2: 1.

Jianghua Arrangement 3rd No. 2022345 Forecast:

Bald code reference: 1 9

One code for killing: 2

5*5*5 direct selection: 45679/01569/13689

Six duplex: 013469

Single selection number: 017 069 079 089 149 169 178 189 379 479 489 569 579

Single Number: 916

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