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Issue 336 Tang Yufu 3D Forecast Number: Analysis of the size of the value of the duty

Lottery retrospective: Fucai 3D 2022335 prize number is: 259.The prize number type is group six, the sum of the sum is 16, the strange ratio is 2: 1, the span is 7, 012 road ratio is 1: 0: 2, and the size ratio is 2: 1.

Harmony trend: The last 10 periods and value trends are: (18) → (16) → (12) → (18) → (7) → (17) → (12) → (10) → (16), The number of reclaiming and decrease is 5: 5: 0, the previous period and value increased by 6 points. In this issue, the value of optimism and value decline, reference and value 13.

Group selection analysis: In the group selection distribution map of 0-9, 6 numbers are issued in the last 10 sections, 15 numbers are issued in sections 3-6, and 9 numbers are issued in sections 7-9In the last period, each section was issued separately. In this issue

Analysis of Qi and Size: In the last 50 draws, the two puppets and one strange combination opened 19 times. At present, the two -phase, two strange and one puppet combinations are released 19 times.The current missing 12 periods and the full puppet combination are issued 4 times, and the current omissions are missing. In this issue, pay attention to two puppets and one strange combination; 3 periods appear in the full large combination, the current 18 phase of the wheels and the total group of the whole group, the current round and empty period 12There are 23 issues in the two small and one large combination. The current phase of the 3rd and two major combinations appears in 19 periods.

Comprehensive recommendation of Tang Yufu 3D No. 2022336:

Driven: 3

One yard of lore: 0

Group 6 6 yards reference: 123689

Direct selection 5 yards reference: (23578)+(23689)+(13789)

Single Number Reference: 123 133 134 233 238 337 344 346 347 366 388 399

Selected note: 283

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