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Issue 336 Tang Longfu 3D Forecast Number: Direct Selection 5 -yard Patriotic Analysis

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Fucai 3D 2022335 prize number is 259.

The 336th issue of Fucai 3D issued award number: 226, 515, 167, 248, 460, 787, 687, 918, 568, 541, 250, 423, 513, 369, 775, 906, 665, 650See the table below for detailed statistics:

From the above statistics, it can be seen that the 336 number of 3D groups in 336 times over the years has been issued, and the six numbers are issued 15 times.Six number of groups appears to have a high probability, and the group six numbers are expected to open in this issue.

In addition, in the same period of the same period, the number of the number of the number is 28:29, and the coupling number is basically flat. The predicted odds are hot in this issue.The size ratio of the number is: 35: 22, the large trend is relatively hot. The large number is expected to be hot again in this issue, and the size ratio is 2: 1.

In terms of single-selected numbers 0-9, the hottest three codes performed: 567. This issue is expected to be included in these three yards, bile code reference: 6; the coldest performance is: 349, these three periods, these three periods of this period, these three periods, these three periods, these three periods, these three periods.It is impossible to appear at the same time, one yard must be killed: 9.

Comprehensive recommendation of Tang Longfu 3D No. 2022336:

Direct selection 5 yards duplex: 12578-13468-02478

Direct selection 3 yards duplex: 157-468-078

One code for killing: 9

Driven: 6

6 yard group 6 reference: 015678

Single Number Reference: 026 067 126 146 156 168 236 346 367 368 456 567 568

Selected note: 167

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