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Issue 336 Ho Shang O arrangeing three prediction awards: 012 Road Type Analysis

Review of the previous period: The prize number of the 2022335 issue of the third issue of 3 is 014, the award number 012 is 1: 2: 0, the peak ratio is 1: 2, the size ratio is 0: 3, the value is 5, and the span is 4.

1. Head value and span recommendation:

Harmony recommendation: 9 o’clock in the previous period, 5 points, 5, this issue of attention and value reverse, and expected to open the value 11.

Spoof recommendation: The span was 4 in the previous period, and the amplitude fluctuations were 1 point. Pay attention to the span in this period, and it is optimistic about the span 8.

Second, morphological reference:

Analysis of Road type 012: The previous prize number was one 0 route number+two 1 route numbers, 0 road number disconnection, 1 road number disconnected, in the 100 consecutive period of 100 consecutive stages, one 0 route number+two 1 road number opened 12In the current period, pay attention to the one -way number of the 1 -road number. It is expected that two 0 -way numbers+one 2 -way number will be issued.

Analysis of Qi Batos: There are two puppets and one strange combination in the previous prize number. In the first 100 prizes, the two puppets and one strange combination contains 36 times.Including 10 times, two strange and one occasion 12 times, all of them include 4 times. Pay attention to the prize number in this issue.

Analysis of the size of the size: The previous prize number was a full group. In the 100 consecutive periods, the whole group was combined with 12 issues.The two big and one small will open 8 issues, and the entire large will open 1 period. The expected prize number is expected to open two small and one large combination.

Third, He Shang ranked 3rd No. 2022336 prize number recommendation:

Driven: 8

Kill number: 5

Direct selection 5*5*5 Reference: 01489*01234*02367

Direct selection 4*4*4 Reference: 0148*1234*0267

Group 6 6 yards: 034678

Single note reference: 008 018 038 089 118 238 268 338 389 468 489 889 899

Selected one bet direct: 830

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