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Issue 330 Zixiao Lei Arrangement three prediction awards: Single selection 15 reference

Review of the previous period: The 3rd 20223299 prize number was 167, the group selection type was group 6, and the award number ratio ratio was 2: 1,012 to 1: 2: 0, and the strange puppet ratio was 2: 1.

This issue is the 2022330 lottery lottery in this issue. The lottery date is December 10, 2022. The 330th issue of the 330s in history has been issued.-178-674-681-888-219-893-780-056-564-385-236-397-204.

Types of group selection: In the 330th prize number of the same period, the leopard number opened 1 period, the group six numbers were opened for 14 periods, and the group three numbers were opened.Group 6 numbers, the group is expected to open a group three numbers in this issue.

Number span: In the 330th period of the same period, the frequency of the span is: 3 periods for span 6, 8, 2 periods for span 3, 4, 5, and 7.There is no span 1 or 9.The same period last year was 4, and the expected span increased in the same period this year. Pay attention to the span 8.

Numbers and values: The 330th prize number and value of the same period of history appeared as follows: harmony 15, and 2 times the value of 6, 11, 16, and value 12, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 20, 24 are opened once, and the rest did not appear.The scope of the value of the value is in the 6-24 range, which is widely distributed. Compared with the same period last year and the value of last year, the expected and value of the current period, reference and value 19.

Number strange ratio: Issue 330 History of the same period The number of the number is 23:25, of which the strange coupling ratio is 0: 3, 6 times 1: 2, 7 times 2: 1, 3: 0 appears once, this this time, this this time, this this time, this this time, this this time, this this time, this this time, this this time, this this time, this this time, this this time, the this 3: 0, the this 3: 0 times, the this 3: 0, the this time, the this time, the This is the time.The period reference is 3: 0.

Number 012 Road ratio: Issue 330 History of the same period number 012 is 17:16:15, and this issue is expected to open 2: 1: 0.

Number size ratio: The 330th history of the same period of the same period is 27:21, of which the size ratio ratio is 0: 3, 1: 2 is 4, 2: 1, 10 periods, 3: 0 exitPhase 1, the reference size ratio of 2: 1 in this issue.

Zixiao Lei Arrangement 322330 Issue number Recommendation:

Driven: 9

Kill a code: 7

Direct selection 5 yards reference: 24689*01239*12589

Group Six Reference: 013489

Single selection 15 bet reference: 019 029 039 069 089 149 239 269 349 369 389 569

Single -up reference: 991

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