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Issue 329 Old Sword Arrangement 3 Prediction Awards: Hundreds of Bit Analysis

Lottery retrospective: Arranged 322328 Phase: 620, Type: Group 6, Summary ratio 0: 3, size ratio 1: 2, value 8, span 6.

Person: The proportion of the recent qualitative numbers has basically been flat, and the number of symposiums has continued to appear for five consecutive periods, and gradually turns heat. In this issue, the number of bits continues to be hot;The performance of the 2 -route number is very active, accounting for 75.0%of the total lottery. In this issue, the number 0 or 2 number is continued to start, and the number 8 is 8.

Ten digits: The proportion of the recent number of occurrences has been high, and the current period has appeared for 5 consecutive periods. In this issue, it is expected to produce even again. In addition, in the last 20 periods, the number 0 and 2 numbers in the 20th performance is very active, accounting for the total of the awards.75.0%, this issue continues to pay attention to the opening of the 0 or 2 number, and the number 0.

Hundreds: The proportion of the recent large and small numbers is basically the same. After the large number was issued in the previous period, the small number appeared in this issue; in addition, in the last 19 issue of the prizes, the number of 1 and 2 numbers, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0There are relatively few road numbers. In this period, the number of defense 0 road numbers will be empty again, reference number 4.

Reference of the 2022329 Issue 2022329:

Bald code: 04

Kill number: 7

Direct reference: 12458-03689-25689

Group 6 Reference: 013458

Selected note: 408

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